Write-to-Publish Names Writer of the Year: Karen Rabbitt Wins Award with Father-Themed Book

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Write-to-Publish Names Writer of the Year: Karen Rabbitt Wins Award with Father-Themed Book

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 12 /Christian Newswire/ — At the recent Christian writing conference, Write-to-Publish, one of the oldest and largest Christian writing conferences, author Karen Rabbitt, M.S.W., was named 2009 Writer of the Year.

The contest judge said Rabbit’s memoir, „Trading Fathers, Forgiving Dad, Embracing God,“ (Winepress, 2009) „truly satisfies the reader’s cry, ‚Take me there.‘ She uses uncommonly vivid sensory detail to transport her readers–to scenes from her difficult years of childhood abuse through to her adult life of struggling to relate to both her earthly father and her heavenly Father.“

The judge calls the work „uplifting,“ „beautifully written,“ and „a valuable resource to help readers– whether they’ve had similar backgrounds or not–learn hope, healing, and forgiveness, as she has, by God’s grace.“

Released in March, the memoir documents the true story of Karen Rabbitt and her journey from brokenness to wholeness. Conceived through the trauma of marital rape, Rabbitt reveals the sexual abuse she suffered as a preschooler at the hands of her father as well as the ripple effect on her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Rabbitt, a seasoned psychotherapist, has written for Marriage Partnership and Today’s Christian Woman in addition to writing her own story. She writes to share her hard-won wisdom–informed by her professional experience but energized by her own struggle for emotional and spiritual health.

„I wanted to encourage Christians to understand how our own experience with our fathers affects our ability to trust God. I wanted to share my own story so people can see how I worked through anger, depression, and anxiety.“

After many years as a psychotherapist at the Urbana, Illinois Christian Counseling Center, Rabbitt has begun Karen Rabbitt Ministries. Reinventing herself in her fifties, she now writes, speaks, and consults. Specializing in retreats for Christian women, her passion is to help others find the healing she has found in the father-heart of God.

A grandmother, Karen lives in Illinois and has been married to Jerry since 1972. She attends The Vineyard Church.

To order a copy call 877-421-7323, or find „Trading Fathers“ online at most major online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Signed copies can be purchased at www.tradingfathers.com. For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Karen Rabbitt at 217-367-8946 or email karenrabbitt@gmail.com.


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