World Renown Church Leader has a Controversial New Book About Ministers Who Cheat and the Women Who Love Them

World Renown Church Leader has a Controversial New Book About Ministers Who Cheat and the Women Who Love Them

Unveiling the truth about sex, lies and religion

LOS ANGELES, July 9 /Christian Newswire/ — On the heels of Governor Mark Sanford’s shocking confession and Elizabeth Edward’s tell-all memoir titled „Resilience“ about her husband’s affair and love child with Rielle Hunter comes a book that pulls back the veil on the sexual misconduct of some of our nation’s other influential leaders — Pastors.

Fifty years in the making, Dr. Betty Price of the esteemed television ministry „Ever Increasing Faith“ and bicoastal mega-church Crenshaw Christian Center has written a provocative new book about ministers who cheat and the women who love them called, „Warning To Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses.“ She wrote „Warning“ as a cautionary tale to discourage pastoral sexual infidelity. But the warning should be heeded by all — be they pastors, celebrities, athletes or politicians like Sen. Edwards and Gov. Sanford.

„Christians are just copying politicians and entertainers,“ said Dr. Betty, the wife of Apostle Frederick K.C. Price. „I believe that ‚Warning‘ will bring attention to the fact that adultery is wrong and there are severe consequences.

„All of the ministers I know who’ve cheated on their wives, their lives were cut short. And I’ve seen it happen to ministers of all ethnicities. When you live an immoral life, you’re doing what Galatians 6:7 says. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap. You are sowing seeds of death and destruction when you commit adultery because you’re betraying something very sacred. Your oath to God and your spouse.“

Dr. Betty’s tell-all book reveals some personal trials with seductresses who have tried to tempt her high- profile charismatic husband. Although the women were cunning, none have succeeded in subverting his commitment to his wife or to God. Since Dr. Betty is a highly respected First Lady, she has been in communication with thousands of women. Consequently, Dr. Betty felt compelled to share in her book some of the tear-stained letters, shocking emails and gut-wrenching intimate confessions by wives and mistresses snared in a dangerous liaison.

Ask just about any churchgoer and most of them would have either attended a church or know of a church where the pastor was caught in an illicit affair. How prevalent is adultery? The Internet is full of statistics. One report estimates that 50% to 70% of Americans are victims of infidelity.

Unfortunately, that includes church leaders. The seventh commandment says „Thou shalt not commit adultery.“ Nevertheless, from King David’s affair with Bathsheba to Ted Haggard and others, our spiritual leaders are failing to uphold this sacred oath. Although this is a scandalous issue, Dr. Betty has received tremendous support by parishioners who feel that it’s time to pull back the veil of sex, lust, and lies and call for change in the church.

For more information on „Warning To Ministers, Their Wives and Mistresses“ go to or call (800) 943-4388. „Warning“ is also available on

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