Taxpayers Forced to Fund Abortion Bailout in Nation’s Capital

Taxpayers Forced to Fund Abortion Bailout in Nation’s Capital

WASHINGTON, July 21 /Christian Newswire/ — Despite Democrats‘ sound- bite rhetoric about „reducing the number of abortions,“ liberals in Congress have nonetheless passed a $768 million dollar Financial Services Appropriations bill – without allowing debate – that will force taxpayers to pay for the destruction of innocent human life in the District of Columbia. Additionally, the bill – which President Obama supports – would legalize medical marijuana, fund a needle exchange program to provide intravenous drug addicts with clean needles to continue injecting illicit and often deadly drugs, eliminate money previously allocated for a drug prevention campaign, and eliminate school vouchers.

Although proponents of abortion frequently cite „freedom of choice,“ the bill would paradoxically remove taxpayers‘ choice not to be financially complicit in abortion homicide. Additionally, the bill would remove the choice of 1,716 low-income students to attend quality private schools, such as the one attended by President Obama’s two daughters, by doing away with a $7,500 per child voucher program. Although the program has proven highly successful, it was inexplicably assailed by President Obama and numerous teacher unions. Those 1,716 students will now have to either come up with money for tuition or be forced to attend one of the District’s many failing inner-city public schools.

Mathew D. Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, commented: „Neither President Obama nor the Democratic-controlled Congress seems to care for children. They favor killing them in the womb and making taxpayers fund their execution. For those who see the light of day, they want to doom them to failing schools and give them free needles to inject illegal drugs into their veins. With ‚friends‘ like this in Washington, who needs foreign enemies to destroy America?“

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