Sarah Palin Is Right: It is Time for Women to Stand Up to Say ‚Enough‘

Sarah Palin Is Right: It is Time for Women to Stand Up to Say ‚Enough‘

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 15 /Christian Newswire/ — Enough is enough! Women, especially mothers and grandmothers, must fight against what has become almost automatic insult through the media, talk show hosts such as David Letterman, and others. Such insults are so commonplace it is not uncommon for even very young ladies to casually accept them, and sadly, even to refer to each other in degrading feminine terms. Too often, it is women who shoot ourselves in the foot, opposing each other on issues such as modesty, contraception, and abortion.

Sexual slurs are the result of a contraceptive mentality that in reality has only retarded masculine maturity, ironically emasculating men rather than demanding of them virtues that produce good fathers and husbands. Consider near epidemic addiction to pornography among single and married men as an example.

Slurs against femininity are part of the much broader assault on women due to widespread rejection of the prophetic wisdom of Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Humanae Vitae, wherein he predicted the impoverishment of women through contraception and abortion.

As the women of a nation go, so goes the nation is an old adage indicating that it is the power of woman that restores, safeguards, protects and enriches culture.

It is crucial now that women, regardless of religious affiliation, step up to apply feminine genius to uphold the universal wisdom of natural law. It is at the hands of women that either gender can hope to reclaim both self-respect and mutual respect that not only can, but will heal the culture to defeat anti-life forces that threaten at every turn.

The Leaven is a personal Christian charitable non- profit organization, founded by Alton and Juliana Davis in gratitude for healing from contraceptive abortion which they experienced in the early 1970’s due to ignorance of emotional and psychological effects of abortifacient contraception. They offer their personal testimony as a powerful force to inform and then to begin the healing process for others who may have used contraception and consequently may experience the need for healing in their marriage and family life.

Contraception hurts women, and in so doing it hurts all of society, every man, woman, and child.

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