Rock House Way Releases Be Transformed Workbook

Rock House Way Releases Be Transformed Workbook

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 16 /Christian Newswire/ — Rock House Way Press has released a workbook companion to John Robin Murphy’s book Be Transformed-New Life Awaits, which shares the important truth that access to the blessings of the Christian faith begin with the decision to live in cooperation with God’s plan to have His people progressively reflect the heart of His Son inwardly.

„The response to Be Transformed has been very positive, with many testifying that the book has changed their lives in a significant way,“ said Murphy, who had just completed two workshops at the United Methodists biennial gathering in Nashville, Tenn.

„Many who have had a taste of transformation and want more were asking me, ‚When will there be a workbook?‘ I created the workbook in response to this demand and to show Christians, in a deeper way, the path of personal transformation that God has laid out for us all.“

Murphy’s personal transformation has been dramatic. At age 26, he went from being a self-described „table- pounding atheist“ to a follower of Jesus Christ. While his conversion immediately improved the quality of his life, there was still „lots of baggage to work on,“ as he put it. For instance, increasing depression, over- eating and other self- defeating behaviors continued to be a struggle.

After much frustration in trying to make the promises of scripture real in his life, he discovered that without addressing his resentment and anger, there would be no breakthrough. When he prayed for God to forgive, heal and bless the abusers of his past, a „dark cloud“ lifted and a desire grew to share the freedom and peace he received from that act of obedience.

As he matured in his faith, Murphy discovered that forgiveness is just one part of God’s plan to transform people to reflect the image of Christ, and that being transformed really means submitting to God’s will in every aspect of life.

„The focus is on how to live one’s life in regard to God’s will, which can be relied on to improve any situation,“ he said.

Murphy left a successful career developing and launching revenue-growth strategies for corporations to start a full-time ministry called Rock House Way. Today, He presents his transformation message to CEOs, men’s ministries, churches, prisoners in maximum security, men and women in recovery, and others.

He also does one-on-one transformation mentoring with business owners and ministry leaders, and hopes to soon launch a student mentoring program for young adults.

His work has been endorsed, featured, adopted and/or recommended by a wide variety of churches and faith-based ministries.

Be Transformed: Workbook Edition costs $18.99 and may be purchased online through Rock House Way Press at The book Be Transformed-New Life Awaits may also be purchased online as well as in bookstores.

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