Principles for Radical Change in One’s Financial Situation Found in ‚Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy‘

Principles for Radical Change in One’s Financial Situation Found in ‚Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy‘

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — In his book, Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy, Lou Galloway shares with us a revelation he received from God, and that is, that his finances were not meant to be based upon the world’s economy but upon God’s economy of abundance.

Galloway says: „The world’s economy is based upon lack. Everything in the media is centered on lack and yet the world is full of wealth and abundance. If this teaching from the world saturates your mind you will always struggle. Learn the principles of God’s economy of abundance and your finances will be transformed.“

Galloway encourages us to seek and discover our creative talents as these are the keys to our financial success. Learn how to apply these principles to live at the abundant level that God intended for us.

Several principles Mr. Galloway shares throughout the pages of Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy include: Our Hidden Talents, Understanding the World’s Economy of Lack, God’s Economy of Abundance is a multiplication of 30 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold, The things that hold us back from receiving the abundance and what we need to do.

Galloway encourages us not to rely on our day jobs, but to develop other streams of income, he explains how to successfully manage your money and use some as seed for future harvests.

Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy is a winner of the Christian Choice Book Awards by Xulon Press in May 2009. The book won second place in the Bible Study category.

Lou Galloway lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, with his wife, Sandra. They have two married daughters, two sons-in-law, a son and two grandsons.

Lou has spent over 15 years in ministry including many overseas missionary excursions from 1985 to 2001. Lou has a diploma in Christian Ministries and a Bachelor of Computing degree. Lou is currently involved in developing business projects within the mission field and has a vision to expand this concept on a much larger scale. Initial details of Lou’s current missionary business goals and projects are explained in his book Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy.

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