President Obama’s Lame Duck Status Gets an Early Start Thanks to His Radical Pro-Abortion Policies and Health Care Reform

President Obama’s Lame Duck Status Gets an Early Start Thanks to His Radical Pro-Abortion Policies and Health Care Reform

Not All Change is for the Better

WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Dan McCullough, newsdesk editor with Christian Newswire:

As reported by the Associated Press today(1) President Obama’s approval rating is falling like a lead balloon. It seems clear that this can be attributed to his radical pro-abortion policies (which often differ from his words) and his currently failing attempt to cram a socialist health care plan down the throats of millions of Americans — all who have a very strong and functioning gag reflex. His congressional cronies on the bleeding edge of liberalism throwing temper tantrums at local town hall meetings and referring to good willed Americans with opinions differing from their own as "un-American" and "Nazis" aren’t doing a lot for his image or their own either.

Further damage to his image was inflicted on Obama by Obama himself just two days ago when he referred to the ninth commandment in the bible and stated that critics of his plan for health care reform where "bearing false witness". This statement was made on a "faith" conference call that obviously the nation’s evangelicals would be paying attention to. It’s not to difficult to see that this statement was directed at those evangelicals who are concerned about tax funded abortion, something the President continues to insist won’t happen under his plan. But without specifically stating that no public funds are to be used for elective abortions (as has been suggested over and over) what is to keep the funds from being used this way? To quote not the bible but instead a popular modern western "it appears his hypocrisy knows no bounds."

President Obama has enjoyed a celebrity like status from the beginning of his presidential campaign. He gained that status thanks to a more than helpful left leaning media, his charming demeanor, and eloquent words, as long as a functioning tele-promtper was nearby. But slick words and an engaging smile can only get you so far.

The American people expect, need, and demand performance and credible leadership from their commander in chief. Unfortunately, it seems that instead the American people have received a winsome actor with a charming personality (sort of) who is more intent on imposing his own socialist political agenda on the people rather than serving according to the will of the people.

At one time the United States had an actor turned president; Ronald Reagan was an incredible president who brought us together as a nation and accomplished great things. Who knows, perhaps Obama has a great career ahead of him in Hollywood, his skill set would suggest it’s a strong possibility.

All of this being said it certainly doesn’t seem to early to start thinking — or rather dreaming, about the 2012 elections and having the opportunity to vote for something other than just "change" — perhaps next time we will have the opportunity to vote for "change for the better."


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