New Book Written as 9/12 Project Teaches America’s Founding Principles

The author M.L. Amlaw has published a new book. Photo: Christian Newswire

New Book Written as 9/12 Project Teaches America’s Founding Principles

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Feb. 2 /Christian Newswire/ — Inspired by the 9/12 Project initiated by radio and television personality Glenn Beck, a Minnesota businesswoman has developed and published a new book to help educate children and adults alike about the basic founding principles of the United States of America.

We Love Our Country by M. L. Amlaw draws directly from the writings of America’s Founding Fathers and the basic concepts they relied upon to create a Republic as America’s form of government, not a Democracy, and a written Constitution to preserve that Republic through the limitation of Federal powers.

We Love Our Country is a quick and easy read containing a concise synopsis of America’s basic founding principles of Natural Law, unalienable rights, and liberty, including limited taxation and debt. The book also includes the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for those who have never read these founding documents as well as 13 pages of quotes from the first five Presidents, quotes that illustrate their views on „The American Experiment“ of individual liberty and economic freedom.

Amlaw wrote the book as a personal 9/12 Project after she realized how uninformed she was as a voting citizen. „I came to realize that we as a Nation, for the most part, no longer have a clear knowledge of our history and what our Founders implemented. I had to do something, so I wrote a book for everyone of all ages to learn – or to remember – what a gift our Founders gave us,“ states Amlaw.

Amlaw, who is doing speaking and media interviews about her book, is a former Human Factors training and development professional, adjunct professor and director of a private university, and founder and owner of a management training company. For more information and to purchase the book, go to

The book is also available at

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