Missions Agency Opens Discussion About Spreading the Gospel in Monotheistic and Polytheistic Cultures

Missions Agency Opens Discussion About Spreading the Gospel in Monotheistic and Polytheistic Cultures

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 16 /Christian Newswire/ — Is it easier to spread the gospel in cultures that believe in one god or in many gods? One missions agency thinks other Christians know the answer.

World Gospel Mission, a missionary-sending agency based in Marion, Indiana, is opening up the discussion at www.unsolvedministries.blogspot.com to talk about how monotheistic and polytheistic cultures respond to the gospel.

„We want to help people think about some of the deeper issues of missions,“ said Tim Rickel, Vice President of Development. „This one–whether people who believe in one god or in many gods affects evangelism–can have a huge impact on the way we share Jesus with them.“

Polytheistic religions include Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, and tribal religions in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Beliefs that are considered monotheistic are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. As an international missions agency, WGM ministers to people from many religious backgrounds around the world.

„So what does this mean for the average Christian? Well, it’s a global world we live in. I think it’s good for the church to think through these issues, because you never know when you might be able to talk to a Hindu or a Muslim about Jesus,“ said Rickel.

Join the conversation about reaching out to people from monotheistic or polytheistic religions at www.unsolvedministries.blogspot.com.

About World Gospel Mission
World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missionary organization, WGM partners with individuals, small groups, college groups, and churches to intentionally address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities. Learn more at www.wgm.org.

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World Gospel Mission
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