Join Matthew 10 and Lost Sheep Ministries ‚Under the Bridge‘ April 8th

Join Matthew 10 and Lost Sheep Ministries ‚Under the Bridge‘ April 8th

Local outreach to area homeless brings meal and movie to popular weekly gathering

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., April 3 /Christian Newswire/ — Every Wednesday night for the past 18 years Maxine Raines has had an important appointment under Knoxville’s I-40 McGhee Street Interstate Bridge. With the permission of city officials, Raines, founder of Lost Sheep Ministry, uses the massive field under the bridge as a rallying point to feed, clothe, and minister to Knoxville’s hungry, homeless, and suffering — up to 500 every week.

On Wednesday, April 8th, with the assistance of local chiropractor Dr. Pete Sulack and Matthew 10 Ministries, Turkey Creek Church, and other volunteer groups, Raines and Lost Sheep Ministry will sponsor a special „Under the Bridge“ event. The event will include a meal for those in need, music, and a special viewing of the Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ.

„The Wednesday night ‚Under the Bridge‘ evenings have always been life-changing, both for those we minister to as well as for those of us whom God has called to give of our time and resources,“ said Sulack, who has been a familiar and friendly face at the weekly event for the past few years.

„This week ‚Under the Bridge‘ is going to be powerful and impacting,“ said Sulack. „Lives will be changed, people will be touched for eternity, and hundreds of individuals will leave there touched in both body and spirit.“

Sulack is no stranger to reaching out to helpless and suffering individuals all over the world. Through his outreach Matthew 10 Ministries, he travels several time a year to India, where he personally ministers to both the physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of thousands of orphans, widows, homeless individuals and families. He said that his personal goal is to positively touch the lives of 100 million people with the hope of the gospel. „That’s what it’s all about,“ he said. „That’s why God put me on this earth.“

Over the past several years Sulack has used high- profile films as outreach tools in the Knoxville area. In 2005 he spent nearly $20,000 to bring the big-screen movie The Chronicles of Narnia to the area, giving away 900 tickets and bringing in 100 local homeless individuals to enjoy the film.

And in 2004 he rented out two local cinemas for an advanced screening of the then newly released movie The Passion of the Christ, the same film he will help sponsor for the upcoming „Under the Bridge“ event.

Raines said such special efforts can reap big rewards in helping the community’s less fortunate. „Since we began Lost Sheep back in 1990, we have seen countless people in need get back on their feet and become productive giving members of society,“ she said. „If this event changes just one life, it will be worth it.“

About Dr. Pete Sulack and Matthew 10 International Ministries
Founder of one of the fastest growing chiropractic clinics in the world, Dr. Pete Sulack believes that caring for people’s physical needs provides a door for helping them with their spiritual needs. In 2004 Dr. Pete founded Matthew 10 International Ministries, a global outreach that provides assistance to widows, orphans, and homeless individuals in India. Dr. Pete travels to India several times each year to host ministry festivals and to oversee housing construction for homeless individuals and to help with emergency relief efforts. At home he is currently filming an upcoming weekly television talk show, God Can Use You with Dr. Pete, a unique program that combines random acts of kindness, interviews with compelling and interesting guests, and, of course, some great music. Dr. Pete recently published his first book, Fellowshipping with His Voice, number one in a series entitled Walking in God’s Fullness. For more information on all of Dr. Pete’s ministries and projects visit,, and

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