Innovative Film Workshop Re-Directs Christian Filmmakers

Innovative Film Workshop Re-Directs Christian Filmmakers

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 10 /Christian Newswire/ — Advent Film Group (AFG), the producer of the bestselling Christian movie, COME WHAT MAY, is offering a unique Two-Day Film Workshop in Purcellville, Virginia, July 18-19, 2009. „Unlike other film programs, our approach is not focused on the filmmaker at all,“ explains George Escobar, founder of AFG. „We intentionally aim to turn filmmakers‘ focus away from themselves. We want them centered on learning what God is doing in their community. That’s the source for great stories, which God wants told. It’s also the means by which the movie can be financed and distributed.“

This new model was birthed by the success of recent films such as FACING THE GIANTS, FIREPROOF, and THE WIDOW’S MIGHT, according to Mike Snyder, former Senior VP of Prison Fellowship, who recently joined AFG to lead business affairs and marketing.

„We take our inspiration from the vantage point of where God is working in people’s lives,“ Snyder says. „We do our best to make ‚His‘ stories, not our own. We want to reach audiences whom God has prepared. More importantly, we acknowledge His sovereignty in shaping culture for His glory. He knows which stories are enduring, have lasting values–the stories that matter.“

AFG used this new model during the making and release of COME WHAT MAY. This spring AFG also field-tested the film workshop at conferences held across the country, including New Mexico, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Virginia, and Florida.

Workshop attendees say: „It’s off-the-chart good, more than I hoped for.“ „The depth and emphasis placed on a personal relationship with God and serving where you are now was amazing and refreshing.“ „I was impressed that the focus was on the relationship with Christ, not just how to make a movie.“ „Gave me hope for the future of the film industry.“

The workshop is ideal for students and parents considering film as a vocation. Attendees will learn the advantages and disadvantages of film schools. It also covers the elements for making and distributing movies from start-to-finish. This workshop will benefit adults (with film experience or not) looking to switch careers or bolster their media ministry toward feature filmmaking. AFG will reveal their next projects and how attendees can get involved. Registration is limited. Go to: to register.

About AFG
Advent Film Group was founded to shape culture for Christ and to train the next generation of Christian filmmakers. See the movie trailer at

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