Indonesian media group denounces soldiers‘ attack on journalists

Indonesian media group denounces soldiers‘ attack on journalists

New York City. May 4, 2009/AJI/– The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) of Indonesia condemned the attack on several journalists by rioting soldiers in the province of Papua.

On May 29, several hundred soldiers assigned to Batallion 751 attacked at least four journalists after they saw the newsmen taking pictures of the riot. Earlier, the soldiers have attacked their own camp due to their anger at their commander over the
unpaid benefits for a dead soldier.

The soldiers then turned their wrath on the journalists, confiscating the cameras and other equipment of two of them. One reporter sustained head injuries. As of press time, some of them are hiding in a police station while the others sought refuge in nearby houses.

In a statement, AJI Indonesia said the incident endangered press freedom. „A journalist’s freedom to conduct coverage is protected by Law No. 40 Year 1999 on Press and those who try to hamper the journalist from doing his or her job faces a two-year imprisonment and a fine up to 500 million rupiah,“ the AJI statement said.

AJI Indonesia demanded that the police protect the journalists. It also urged the Indonesian military to control its men and take stern action against those who try to prevent journalists from doing their jobs.

Cunding Levi, an AJI member in Papua, has been trying to contact Trikora Military Regional Commander Brig. Gen. A.Y. Nasution in order to ask him to control his men, but the officer did not respond to the calls.

Until now, several journalists are still hiding. Angel, a contributor of, admitted that she was lying down at a resident house and heard some shooting. A Kompas journalist said that until now, the soldiers are still blocking public roads. A TOP TV journalist was injured on his head.

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