Henan House Church Raided; Six Christians Receive Administrative Detention

Henan House Church Raided; Six Christians Receive Administrative Detention

HENAN, China, June 17 /Christian Newswire/ — On June 14, government officials raided Rock (Panshi) House Church in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, and arrested six believers, including Pastor Dou Shaowen, and his wife Feng Lu. The six arrested were later sentenced to15 days of administrative detention with a fine.

The Christians were raided by a number of officials from the State Security Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Religious Affairs Bureau and the Anti-Riot Squad during their Sunday worship service. The officials declared the service an „illegal gathering.“ All Sunday school teachers were required to register their IDs and the other church members were dispersed by force. Twenty-four hours later, on June 15, the families of the six Christians who were arrested received administrative detention notices from the Public Security Bureau and were required to pay a fine. The same day, Pastor Dou’s home was searched by the PSB, resulting in the confiscation of his computer.

Contact the authorities at the Jing Ba Lu Branch PSB office in Zhengzhou City and ask for the immediate release of the six Christians. The contact number for Jing Ba Lu Branch PSB office is +86-37163931313.

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