EventU Green(tm) Revolutionizes Church Energy Savings

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EventU Green(tm) Revolutionizes Church Energy Savings

MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — At a time when all churches are looking for ways to reduce costs and many are looking for ways to become more environmentally sound, ServiceU Corporation (www.ServiceU.com) introduces EventU Green(tm) ( www.eventugreen.com), an add-on component to its EventU(tm) online event management software for churches that integrates a church’s HVAC heating and cooling system together with its online events calendar bookings.

„EventU Green is radical because it interfaces directly with a church’s HVAC heating and cooling systems to modify the thermostat settings,“ explains Tim Whitehorn, CEO of ServiceU. „This means that the HVAC controls will be adjusted automatically as the event schedule changes, thereby saving churches thousands of dollars per year.“

One church that has seen this significant savings already is Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim, California ( www.vcfanaheim.com), home to a 2,500-member congregation and Christian school. Vineyard members and students are blessed to meet at their 250,000 square foot facility on 25 acres–not your typical church; however, their concerns about energy costs and ways to become more „green“ were typical to almost every church in America.

Vineyard Anaheim’s facilities manager Dave Paolozzi notes, „We were using far too much energy, and we needed to get a hold of what to do about it. In addition, our energy costs were on the rise and we needed a way to cut back and conserve more. With EventU Green, we’re able to automatically control our building, reduce energy output, and cut costs significantly.“ Now, Vineyard Christian is able to schedule events and control their HVAC system online, 24/7.

ServiceU estimates that churches can easily save 10 percent to 20 percent of their current heating and cooling bill per year using EventU Green automation for their facilities. Vineyard Anaheim has already experienced a 25% reduction in energy costs this year alone.

If your HVAC system is compatible, your facility can be up and running in two weeks or less. ServiceU provides a series of questionnaires to churches in order to determine the layout of their HVAC system and inputs this information in EventU Green to set everything up correctly.

Benefits include:

· Reduction in energy consumption for heating and cooling of up to an estimated 10-20 percent or more

· More money to spend on ministry due to savings on utility costs

· Free up valuable labor time currently spent manually managing HVAC controls

· Higher „user satisfaction“ since room temperature will be automatically controlled
Capabilities include:

· A single calendar system for managing events, rooms, resources, and HVAC

· Real-time control of all air conditioning and heating zones for an entire campus

· Changes to events automatically result in corresponding changes to HVAC controls

· High-availability architecture continues HVAC control even if Internet is down

Pricing is based on the size of the facility and number of HVAC zones. The cost of EventU Green is a fraction of the anticipated savings on utility bills, not to mention the savings of staff time and resources. In addition, organizations that are increasingly concerned with energy usage and becoming more „green“ can know that creating a more efficient HVAC management system will put them on the right path. Churches must also be using EventU software to implement EventU Green.

For more information, churches can call (866) 709- 7421 or go online www.EventUGreen.com to get started.

About ServiceU Corporation
ServiceU Corporation provides online event management software designed for organizations such as churches, nonprofits, schools, universities, festivals, and theaters. ServiceU offers three core products that get people involved. EventU: event, resource, and facility management that utilizes calendar scheduling software. TransactU: secure donations, payments and event registrations. TicketU: ticket sales, box office management and theater software. Founded in 1997, ServiceU is a trusted provider of online event management software to the nonprofit market. For more information, visit the ServiceU website at www.ServiceU.com or the company’s blog at www.ServiceU.com/blog.

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