Evangelism with a Kick – CMAC Releases New Book for Faith-Based Martial Arts & Fitness Instructors

Evangelism with a Kick – CMAC Releases New Book for Faith-Based Martial Arts & Fitness Instructors

MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 20 /Christian Newswire/ — The Christian Martial Arts Council, an international ministry organization committed to helping faith-based martial arts and fitness instructors effectively use the medium of the martial arts to facilitate evangelism and discipleship, are pleased to announce the release of a new book: "Christian Martial Arts: The Passion, The Calling, The Journey".

Written by CMAC executive director, Rev. John Terry, this book will serve as a "How To" for martial arts instructors who are interested in actively incorporating faith-based principles into their martial arts program, and also serves as a guide for starting martial arts, self -defense or fitness program either in a church or retail setting.

Rev. Terry also uses this book to introduce the ministry’s "Kid-Safe Communities" and "Women-Safe Communities" education and safety training programs. These programs are designed to help churches bring their community together around the common goal of promoting "danger awareness", with the church as the center point of education and safety training.

Rev. Terry comments, "While there are many excellent martial arts instructors and schools in existence, there are few books that address the growing number of schools who are using faith-based character development to help mold young students to make morally right choices. I also hope this book will encourage churches to open their facilities (which are typically unused during the week) to martial arts instructors so they can provide cost efficient martial arts, fitness and self-defense programs to at risk children, families and others who might otherwise be unable to afford it… or would prefer to take classes in a non-traditional setting."

The Christian Martial Arts Council provides a variety of ministry and instructional resources to faith-based schools and instructors, and works with churches who are interested in starting a church-based martial arts or fitness program with planning, implementation and ongoing training and support.

CMAC is a division of TNT Ministries, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry endeavor, headquartered in Russellville AR. Rev. John Terry is an ordained minister, and holds black belt rankings in Okinawan Karate and Kenpo. He is also a certified fitness and self-defense instructor.

The ministry website is www.ChristianMartialArtsCouncil.com

"Christian Martial Arts: The Passion, The Calling, The Journey" can be purchased from the ministry website, or is available at Amazon.com

www.amazon.com/Christian-Martial-Arts-Passion- Calling/dp/1439239673/ref=sr_1_32? ie=UTF8&qid=1248381365&sr=8-32

For more information on CMAC, its programs, or to schedule a ministry event in your church, contact Rev. John Terry at 479-304-1476 or cmac@imga.com.

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