Climate Countdown: Democracy NOW and Amy Goodman broadcast daily from the UN Climate summit

Climate Countdown: Democracy NOW and Amy Goodman broadcast daily from the UN Climate summit

More than 11 million people will not give up hope to save the world´s climate – Millions of people try to reach world leaders with public petition – More than 11 million people have signed a petition for climate change

By Andreas Klamm – Sabaot

Copenhagen / Denmark. December 16/17, 2009. The daily news hour Democracy NOW and one of the best journalists in the world, the well known American-Jewish journalist, broadcast journalist and author of many books, Amy Goodman (New York City), do broadcast daily since its beginning from the U.N. Climate Conference live from the Bella Center in Copenhagen in Denmark.

Amy Goodman has received in 2008 the Alternative Nobel Prize in Stockholm in Sweden. Photos: Democracy NOW and Andreas Klamm – Sabaot.
Democracy NOW is the only one daily news hour providing it service to many people around the world. Amy Goodman has received more than 50 awards. In December 2008 she has received as the first journalist the Alternative Nobel Prize as know as Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm in Sweden, founded and donated by Jakob von Uxekuell and issued by the Right Livelihood Foundation each year.

Amy Goodman and the Democracy NOW ! Team are collecting the pictures from both small and great people and organizations around the world which do have all one thing in common. The serious concerns about the rising climate change.

Some examples and voices of people which appeared on Democracy NOW ! sharing their thoughts and concerns about climate change in the Bella Center of Copenhagen where more than 110 world leaders do gather to discuss the issue about climate change and what may could be done to prevent horrible disasters such as the complete disappearence of people and parts of countries, which some concerned people do call already „genozide“.

„Shameful“ for West to Spend Trillions on War and Only $10 Billion for Climate Change

Bolivian President Evo Morales recently arrived in Copenhagen for the UN climate summit. In a press conference Wednesday, Morales said, “The budget of the United States is $687 billion for defense. And for climate change, to save life, to save humanity, they only put up $10 billion. This is shameful.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu on President Obama: “He Is Now a Nobel Laureate—Become What You Are”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa also traveled to Copenhagen this weekend to urge world leaders to tackle the climate crisis. The longtime anti-apartheid campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize laureate spoke on Saturday at a candlelight vigil just outside the UN climate summit.

Indian Environmentalist Vandana Shiva: “It Is Time for the US to Stop Seeing Itself as a Donor and Recognizing Itself as a Polluter, a Polluter who Must Pay”

The world-renowned Indian environmental leader and thinker Vandana Shiva spoke before thousands at Saturday’s protest in Copenhagen. On Sunday, I spoke with her at Klimaforum, the People’s Climate Summit, and asked for her assessment of President Obama and what he represents in the climate change talks.

The Climate Divide: Dispute Between Rich and Poor Nations Widens at UN Copenhagen Summit

Negotiations are back on track at the UN climate summit after a walkout yesterday by developing countries highlighted the growing divide between rich and poor nations. African delegates led the walkout, accusing the UN chair of the conference of trying to “kill” the Kyoto Protocol. Meanwhile, outside the Bella Center, Danish police are intensifying their crackdown on climate justice activists. We speak with Bill McKibben, founder of, and Wahu Kaara, a longtime social justice and democracy activist in Kenya.

Three-fifty is the most important number in the world – CO2

BILL McKIBBEN: Three-fifty is the most important number in the world, though we didn’tD know it two years ago. It’s what scientists tell us is the most carbon we can have in the atmosphere, if we want a world that works. We’re already at 390 parts per million CO2. That’s why the Arctic is melting. It’s why Africa is drying up. And it’s why we need this conference to be treating this not as another problem to be dealt with in some incremental, easy fashion, but as the emergency that it is.

Police Pepper Spray, Arrest Protesters Marching on UN Climate Summit as Hundreds Inside Stage Walkout

In Copenhagen, thousands of protesters marched toward the UN climate summit on Wednesday with the stated goal of transforming the talks into a People’s Assembly and to call for climate justice. Police made over 200 arrests. Meanwhile, inside the Bella Center, hundreds of people staged a walkout to try and meet the marchers outside but were met with a heavy police response.

NYT Reporter Andrew Revkin on the Climate Talks: There’s an Epic Fight Over Words

World leaders are arriving in Copenhagen as the climate summit formally enters high-level talks. On Tuesday, US climate negotiator Todd Stern said he foresees no change in President Obama’s offer to cut emissions by 17 percent of 2005 levels. We speak to Andrew Revkin, environmental reporter at the New York Times.

Andrew Revkin: Well, there’s an epic fight over words and what they mean. China, the United States, Europe, poor developing countries are in a tug-of-war over the meaning of global warming. Each of these blocs, essentially, defines this problem differently, and that’s why you have these huge gulfs to bridge before two more days are up. You know, having covered these cycles since before there was the first treaty in 1992, it seems very late in the game to have such significant differences over the language in this agreement.

„If Bush Was in Kindergarten, Obama Is in First Grade“ – Indian Environmentalist Sunita Narain on US Climate Policy

As heads of state begin to arrive to the COP15 summit here in Copenhagen, the rift between rich and poor countries continues to widen. With less than three days to go, there is no final agreement or breakthrough on the future of the Kyoto Protocol, which industrialized nations, led by the United States, are seeking to dismantle. We speak with leading environmentalist and political activist from India, Sunita Narain.

Sunita Narain: Well, I think there’s both overt pressure and there is pressure from—you know, which is hidden pressure. When you look at—firstly, we need to understand what’s the deal that the rich nations want. The rich nations want a deal in which, without Kyoto, they have an agreement, which is based on pledge and review, a system in which every country, including the United States, puts up a number and says this is what they will do domestically. So there is no multilateral framework which will make every country agree to a certain target for reduction. And we know that the US has put on the table a very small number, three percent below 1990 levels, when it needs to cut 40 percent. That’s the deal they want.

To get that deal, there is enormous pressure. There is pressure on our governments to be able to agree, to sign on it. There is pressure on poorer nations with the offer of money to break them from the G-77. There is all kind of pressure. And my fear in this, as an environmentalist, is that what we are doing is really not good for climate change, because we are not working towards an effective agreement. We’re undermining a good agreement.

These are only examples collected by Amy Goodman and Democracy NOW during the Climate Countdown Coverage from the Bella Center in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Summit.

There are a lot of more voices on the issue on the climate change which want a REAL DEAL NOW – SAVE COPENHAGEN, as tells people in all the world in its worldwide campaign for a a REAL CLIMATE DEAL NOW. made the statement: With only 3 days left, the crucial Copenhagen climate summit is failing.

Tomorrow (Friday) world leaders will arrive for an unprecedented 60 hours of direct negotiations. Each one will have to decide whether to step forward as heroes, or fail us all. But they will only act if we do.

Around the world a global movement has been building towards this moment. Now it’s time for one last, massive push — with a global public outcry for a real deal that will stop catastrophic climate change. In the next 72 hours we can build the largest petition in history. Sign below, tell friends, and Avaaz will help deliver the petition directly to leaders inside the Copenhagen summit:

The massive petition will be delivered to world leaders and to the publc. With young people and the youth from all over the world staging a sit-in in the conference centre.

The names of those around the world who are demanding a fair, ambitious and binding global climate treaty will be read aloud in the conference centre.

More information about the sit-in are available on:

Special coverages and daily live broadcast with the only one daily news hour Democracy NOW with Amy Goodman from the Bella Center in Copenhagen in Denmark and full transcripts are available on

Additional information by Andrew P. Harrod, Journalist and author:

Andreas Klamm – Sabaot is a French-German journalist, broadcast journalist, TV producer, radio producer and film producer and author of nine books since 1984. He is working in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, and Germany and also as managing editor and a news correspondent of MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8414 and he is the founder of the international media project for human rights, Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters.

His grandfather the French Lieutenant and French citizen, HAEDI SABAOT, was deployed in 1945 to the city of Kaiserslautern in Germany and is missing since 1945.

Andreas Klamm – Sabaot is the author of 9 books and has dedicated 2 books on his colleague the American-Jewish journalist, broadcast journalist and author AMY GOODMANN which have been published in France and in Germany.


Liberty, Peace and Media: Amy Goodman And The Freedom Of The Press – Excellent Journalists In Extraordinary Times, Books on Demand Gmbh, Paris, France, (February 2009), 276 pages, Author: Andreas Klamm, Journalist. Language: English / German, ISBN-10: 2-8106-0269-7 , ISBN-13: 978-2-8106-0269-8.


Liberty, Peace and Media: Amy Goodman – Excellent Journalists In Extraordinary Times, Books on Demand Gmbh; Norderstedt, Deutschland, (February 2009), 264 pages. Author: Andreas Klamm, Journalist. Language: English / German, ISBN-10: 3-8370-7473-0, ISBN-13: 978-383707473.

He is engaged since more than 20 years in the peace and democracy movement and in groups for international understanding.

More information available on ,, and

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