´Will Someone Please Tell Randall Terry to Shut Up?‘ Washington Post Releases Feature Story

´Will Someone Please Tell Randall Terry to Shut Up?‘ Washington Post Releases Feature Story

Washington Post releases feature Story on Randall Terry; Harley David Belew, Columnist and Talk Show host, asks detractors to „…shut up and sit down. You are making Randall’s job harder.“

WASHINGTON, July 18 /Christian Newswire/ — On Wednesday, July 15, the Washington Post did a feature length story on Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue.

In the last year, Mr. Terry has been in the news extensively because of his pro-life activities led by him. Unfortunately, in addition to the supporters of child- killing attacking him, his pro-life critics and adversaries have spent a substantial amount of time and energy assailing him as well.

Following are excerpts of two cutting responses to Mr. Terry’s critics within the pro-life movement, asking them to „…shut up and sit down. You are making Randall’s job harder.“

(We apologize to the media for this display of „insider baseball;“ but for those who may be beguiled by Mr. Newman’s and others statements, a response seemed appropriate.)

Mr. Harley Belew, talk show host and columnist writes:

„Is it possible that Randall Terry’s pro-life critics are more concerned with the opinion of some anti-Christian „news“ organization, or some phony overnight poll than the plight of the unborn? Are they here to please man or God?

„Randall Terry stands as a man, because he stands for something. He is simply not of a disposition to moderate his words. Good for him. God bless him for having the courage of his convictions….

„Christians, I warn you solemnly- stop cowering and say out loud what you have dared only to think. Say it out loud while you still may. Those of you who choose to dance to the enemy’s tune – while trying to appear noble and caring – you are the ones who should shut up and sit down. You are making Randall’s job harder. (That’s a joke; he’s not worried about your criticisms.)“

Full article at: www.overturnroe.com/articles/artcl_harley.htm

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Mr. Troy Newman, who has fraudulently used Mr. Terry’s name, „Operation Rescue“ for three years, recently sent out a letter against Mr. Terry.

Missy Smith, D.C. Founder and President of W.A.K.E.U.P., had been trying to arrange a meeting for a „cease fire,“ or some kind of reconciliation between Mr. Terry and Mr. Newman in late July. She has ceased those efforts due to the ill will and deceit exhibited by Mr. Newman.

Here are excerpts from her letter to pro-life leaders:

„Troy, Randall, and the mediator agreed to meet alone. I then received a letter last week from Troy that was terribly disturbing. It was an open letter to pro-life leaders and activists across the country entitled, „Randy Terry’s unbiblical lawsuit filed against Troy Newman.“ I was shocked and deeply disappointed.

„He again stated three things that he said Randall wanted from him which I know not to be true. For example, Troy said Randall wants all the money he raised in the last 5 years, and his mailing list. This is not true. There were also many personal attacks against Randall that were sins against charity. Troy did not appear to be a man who wanted to resolve this deep divide. I was confused; he did appear to be a man with a purpose of destroying another man’s reputation by making blatant public false accusations.

„I felt sick inside. My hopes were dashed…(Have you noticed that the vast majority of Randall’s detractors are non-Catholic? The Catholic formation of our conscience would not allow us to promote gossip and cause scandal.)

„Troy Newman has caused an enormous problem for the babies by the handling of this situation. Numerous people have believed the accusations and acted on them…a personal war has been waged against a great warrior and leader. And I can tell you one other thing; in all my years in the movement, I have never met a man who works harder in this battle than Randall Terry. How else do you think he gets done all that he does?“

Missy Smith’s full letter can be read at: www.overturnroe.com/articles/artcl_missy.htm

To interview Mrs. Missy Smith, Founder of W.A.K.E.U.P., call 202-337-1966


Finally, for extensive details about the „identity theft“ of the name „Operation Rescue,“ stolen by Troy Newman and Jeff White, please read the testimony of a multitude of witnesses at:
False Witnesses: A Response to the false accusations levied against Randall Terry by Troy Newman, Jeff White, and their comrades in the Cannibals for Christ

To schedule an interview with Mr. Terry, Contact Kathy Veritas at: 904-687-9804

For more details on Mr. Terry’s current work, go to: www.OverturnRoe.com and www.HumblePlea.com