Auditions for ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘ Ongoing in Allen, Texas

Auditions for ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘ Ongoing in Allen, Texas

ALLEN, TX, June 2 /Christian Newswire/ — Auditions are underway for the exciting new reality TV show — ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘. Executive Producers of PERISSION Entertainment, Inc. are looking for fun, strong-willed, outgoing women with a great sense of humor who can sing and/or play the guitar, bass, drums or keyboard. Contestants will compete to win a professional recording contract and tour package.

The first auditions have started and response has been overwhelming. PERISSION Entertainment, Inc made the right choice when its Board of Directors hired Harry Keane, Jr, the original concept creator/writer of ‚American Idol‘, to produce his newest creation — ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘ (a registered trademark of PERISSION Entertainment, Inc). Mr. Keane noted that all auditions are taking place in Texas the first year. Becky Purcell, Vice President of PERISSION stated, „I am amazed by the response our company is getting regarding the show and I hope that America will help find ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘.“ Mr. Keane is a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and two of his children attend St. Joseph Catholic School. His values are a strong influence in the way PERISSION produces its ‚Family Entertainment the Way It Should Be(tm)‘.

Do you have what it takes to Make the Stage of ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘? Contestant Applications and Requirements are found on Perission’s home page.

Mr. Keane is working closely with longtime friend from Placerville, California — Mitch Samboceti. Mitch has been a supporting Actor in such films as The Cooler, The Parent Trap, Dr. Dolittle, The Net, and Sister Act, and has several television credits to his name such as Nash Bridges, Party of Five, Dharma & Gregg and Unsolved Mysteries. Mitch has also has been in numerous movies of the week and industrial videos.

For additional information about ‚America’s Next Girl Band‘, contact Becky Purcell, or visit our website.

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