Sky Angel and SGM Radio – Uplifting Christians Together

Sky Angel and SGM Radio – Uplifting Christians Together

MEDIA ADVISORY, July 9 /Christian Newswire/ — In order to connect with the large audience of Southern Gospel music lovers, Sky Angel recently teamed up with SGM Radio ( to promote their television service to SGM Radio’s online audience.

SGM Radio is a network of Southern Gospel stations that broadcasts exclusively via the internet. Their website draws hundreds of thousands of new visitors each month, and includes monthly articles from a range of Southern Gospel artists, album and DVD reviews, Artist Features and much more.

„Sky Angel and SGM Radio share the same mission: to spread the Gospel worldwide. We are pleased to have the opportunity to be featured prominently on SGM Radio’s website and encourage people to learn about our uplifting faith-based and family-oriented television service,“ said Tom Scott, Sky Angel’s President & COO.

„I’m really excited to be able to partner with a great company like Sky Angel. It isn’t often that you have a business relationship and a friendship like I do with Bill Dykes and the Sky Angel team. I believe wholeheartedly in the service Sky Angel provides for wholesome entertainment for our families,“ said Rob Patz, President/CEO of Coastal Media, the parent company of SGM Radio.

Sky Angel offers subscribers over 80 television and radio channels of faith-based and family-friendly channels, with entertainment, educational, sports and news programming. Sky Angel requires no dish or antenna, is completely compatible with current TV service, is easily installed, and includes value-added features like 48-hour playback on all Faith-based television channels plus an ever-growing Video-On- Demand library with thousands of free and fee-based selections.

For more information about Sky Angel, visit and click on the link.

About Sky Angel:
Sky Angel® U.S. LLC is a Christian-owned multi- channel provider of faith-based and family-friendly television and radio programming. Founded by Robert Johnson Sr. more than 27 years ago, Sky Angel was created to provide a Christ-centered and family- friendly alternative to the standard television fare. Since then, his vision has grown into a service providing quality television and radio programming to all corners of the United States. Sky Angel carries the Parents Television Council’s® prestigious Entertainment Seal of Approval(tm), which recognizes excellence and social responsibility in programming.

About SGM Radio:
SGM Radio strives to be a positive voice on the internet and a powerful tool in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, playing the best in today’s Southern Gospel music.