Citizens to Host Town-Hall Meeting in Lieu of Representatives, Senators

Citizens to Host Town-Hall Meeting in Lieu of Representatives, Senators

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 21 /Christian Newswire/ — A group of young people will host a citizen-based town hall meeting Friday at 7:00PM at UCLA, in Bruin Plaza. The southern California based pro-life group, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, was planning a protest for Henry Waxman’s town hall set for Friday evening.

However, Rep. Waxman canceled the event for fear of disruption.
"The meeting was canceled almost as soon as it was announced," said Charles Cox, a representative of Survivors. "If our elected officials are too afraid to hold an honest town hall meeting then we will gladly hold one for them."

The group has recently launched a campaign against tax-funded abortion. As part of the campaign they attended another town hall meeting in Alhambra lead by Rep. Adam Schiff last week. After learning that the questions were pre-screened, the Survivors shouted their concerns to the panel. A video of the Survivors at the meeting is available at

"HR 3200 contains provisions that are unacceptable to the majority of Americans," said Timmerie Millington, a volunteer with Survivors. "it provides a mandate for abortion on demand paid for by taxpayers through the Public Option."

Survivors still plans to hold a demonstration outside of Sen Feinstein’s office. Feinstein has pledged her support for the bill. "What we are asking is the Sen. Feinstein vote no on any bill that does not specifically exclude abortion," said Cox.

Waxman also has pledged his support for the bill which, among other things, increases the amount of tax dollars going to abortion and mandates that abortions must be covered by health insurance. Despite a recent Zogby poll indicating that 71% of Americans oppose tax-funded abortion, neither he nor Feinstein has withdrawn their support, nor attempted to remove tax-funded abortion from the bill.
"This meeting will be by the people, of the people, and for the people," Cox said emphatically. "The youth of this nation are increasingly concerned at the recent change in town hall meetings to focus on the congressmen instead of the people."
Cox continued, "This issue should worry all Americans, especially my generation, which will bear to fullest brunt from this bill. We challenge citizens in and around the UCLA area to came out and share your views. Let your voice be heard!"