New Study Shows Fruit of the Spirit is a Powerful Product that Delivers High Anti-Oxidants and Alkalizing Minerals — Eating more Fruits and Vegetable

New Study Shows Fruit of the Spirit is a Powerful Product that Delivers High Anti-Oxidants and Alkalizing Minerals — Eating more Fruits and Vegetables Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 29 /Christian Newswire/ — Studies show unwise lifestyle choices set the stage for chronic disease including diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, and some cancers by activating and inactivating genes that comprise our unique genetic map. Published scientific studies estimate that up to 90% of diabetes and 83% of heart disease can be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes. A risk factor for chronic disease is not eating the recommended 5-servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

We are too busy, unable financially to buy fresh ingredients and processed foods taste better to our families. A New Christian based product „Fruit of the Spirit“ can provide you 5-servings of fruits and alkalinizing minerals in one ounce and it tastes good too:

* The formulation of Fruit of the Spirit was five years in the making. It is a blend of 16 whole fruit purees, not extracts, providing broad-spectrum antioxidant protection not found in single-fruit juices.

* Alkalinizing minerals from the Dead Sea known to restore your cells and bring your body back to its balanced state.

Volunteers who recently had bariatric surgery added 2- ounces of Fruit of the Spirit twice daily for 30 days. Participants reported better energy levels, quality of sleep, and overall well being. They also reported less aches and pains consistently.

The ORAC value (Anti-Oxidant Measure) of the Fruit of the Spirit was compared to that of the most commonly consumed 100% fruit juices. The ORAC for Fruit of the Spirit was 2250 per ounce compared to an average of 500 per ounce for the other juices. Fruit of the Spirit’s ORAC was more than 3 times greater than the best- selling grape juice and pomegranate juice.

Fruit of the Spirit’s total ORAC value (protection against the 5 most dangerous free radicals) was exceptional. One ounce of Fruit of the Spirit delivers 180% of the total ORAC average for 6-8 ounces of other juices that promote antioxidant power.

Fruit of the Spirit contains 3 g. of carbohydrates (sugars) per serving vs. 26-39 g. of sugar in the other best-selling juices. That equates to 15 calories per serving for Fruit of the Spirit vs. 110-160 calories per serving for the other best-selling juices.

Dr. John Young, MD encourages his patients to make Fruit of the Spirit a part of their daily health program: „I’ve seen several products that are out in the market. None come close to Fruit of the Spirit. It delivers such a powerful dose of Anti-Oxidants and Minerals with very low sugar, carbohydrates and calories.“