New Radio Drama Release Disproves Popular Darwinist Myths

New Radio Drama Release Disproves Popular Darwinist Myths

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Vision Forum Ministries has announced the release of „Jonathan Park and The Journey Never Taken“, 12 new half-hour episodes that disprove popular Darwinist myths in a family radio drama format. This new release of the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure Series — which is being rolled out as the world is celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of Origin of the Species this year — is the latest installment in the internationally-broadcast audio drama that airs on more than 650 radio outlets worldwide.

„The dead-end theory of Darwinism is shown for what it is in ‚The Journey Never Taken'“, stated Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries. „And the release of these new episodes could not be more timely. As Richard Dawkins and other leading proponents of evolutionary theory prepare to celebrate their patron saint at the 2009 Darwin Festival next month, Jonathan Park strikes a different tone — one that shows the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the much-venerated worldview of Charles Darwin.“

The best-selling Jonathan Park audio drama series follows young Jonathan and his paleontologist family on their adventures around the globe. In „Jonathan Park and the Journey Never Taken“, the Polar Star Medallion mysteriously shows up at the Brenan Museum of Creation, quickly throwing the Creation Response Team into a memorable scavenger hunt. Cryptic clues lead their team to Sweden, Scotland, and beyond in search of a promised treasure. Along the way, they explore the true history of Charles Darwin and his colleagues and learn how these men helped perpetuate the myth of a universe created without a Creator.

„For years, the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure series has been equipping parents and children to defend creation truths against evolution’s lies,“ noted Phillips. „And the series continues to grow in popularity. We simply can’t produce the series fast enough to meet the demand. The excitement over this new release has been extraordinary as we have been overwhelmed by requests from listeners of all ages who have been eagerly awaiting the 12 new episodes. Gratefully, the wait is over, and Jonathan’s most important adventure yet has begun.“

„While Darwinism’s impact remains far-reaching, its clutch on the culture is beginning to slip,“ concluded Phillips. „Programs like Jonathan Park illustrate the growing number of people who reject the notion that the world came to be through random chance and chaos, recognizing instead that the creation speaks forth of a Creator.“

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