New Innovative Leadership Resource Network Launches Online

New Innovative Leadership Resource Network Launches Online

WASHINGTON, July 17 /Christian Newswire/ — The Christian Post Company announced today the launch of the newest addition to its web network, The Shepherd Post.

The Shepherd Post Web site was created to bring together the widest selection of blogging pastors and ministers to share their ministry experiences with each other and the rising generations of believers and Christian leaders.

Visitors to The Shepherd Post are able to use the flexible, innovative and user-friendly platform to view articles from the pastors and ministry leaders to learn from their successes and mistakes, thus saving time and resources.

Pastors and ministry leaders who freely sign up, meanwhile, will be able to create their own easily customizable blog as well as purchase their own domain to make the blog a customized extension of their ministry. The Shepherd Post also provides a way for blogging ministry leaders to earn money for themselves or their ministries.

„Today we’re living in a time where society is speeding up and forcing us to adapt to changes much more quickly than we’re used to. This in turn is having a big effect on the Church,“ said Joseph La Fleur, Chief Executive Officer of The Christian Post Company. „The Shepherd Post is great in that it brings the greatest minds in the Church all to one place to share their thoughts on our changing world.“

Currently, The Shepherd Post features articles written by Christian leaders such as Greg Atkinson, Kent Shaffer and H.L. Hussmann. Other leaders like Dr. Ralph D. Winter are soon to be added.

Those who sign up to blog will find that they can deliver their message to a wider audience.

„Posting content on the web is the easy part, getting people to read it is the challenge,“ La Fleur said. „We decided to bring everything together to one place because it increases the chances of important information being found by the people that need it most.“

The Shepherd Post has been in development since November of 2008. A beta version was shortly launched in February 2009 to good reviews.