New Discoveries

New Discoveries

BOSTON, July 16 /Christian Newswire/ — Until all loads come to bear on any structure, one cannot be certain how strong and safe it is. For two hundred and twenty-two years, the Constitution of the United States has been in operation and everyone always assumed that its structure has been safe and sound. Or is it? During the 2000 election debacle between President Bush and Al Gore, the networks were showing the world’s reaction to the crisis. On the front page of Le Monde, a French national newspaper, the headline was „L’amerique est en panne“, translated, „America broke down.“ When you take a closer look at America’s institutions, including the judiciary, the financial system, the news media, academic and research institutions and the diplomatic apparatus, Health institutions, and other institutions, cannot one truly say that America broke down?

In 1999, a newspaper in Somerville, MA printed an entire article titled the ‚Power of Architecture‘, without giving any credit to the magazine, our publication. An MIT Professor, not long ago, interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, CNN, after a German billionaire committed suicide for financial lost, almost as a direct quote indicated the same things published in the magazine. On the front cover of the May 2009 issue of Scientific American, was a cloned, inverted image of the second issue of the magazine published by the author in 1998. One might wonder, what have that MIT professor and many others been reading?

The Great Tragedy and the End of all Sorrows, a book that was in production and now controversially stopped, a book touching on a multitude of issues all tied-up together, with fresh new ideas on every issue presented, that deals with the world’s most pressing issues. It is about the failure of the Constitution of the United States and the judicial system, religion and faith, the papacy, psychiatry, the news media, race, homosexuality, architecture, Haiti and the politics and diplomacy of Western powers, evolution, the Bible and God. This book is written with in-depth, and analysis that will enlighten you on these issues.

Not included in the book, is a meticulous, scientific research on the AIDS virus that has bit by bit dismantled the Arizona University’s research.

For more information you can check out this website below which includes the HIV/AIDS research paper titled: The Cause of HIV/AIDS: Beyond the Polemics of Science at