New Book Challenges Wall Street’s Asset Allocation Paradigm

Wall Street and its secrets. Photo: Christian Newswire

New Book Challenges Wall Street’s Asset Allocation Paradigm

After years of managing his family’s retirement assets, private investor Peter Casula Jr. divulges his secrets on beating the market.

LOS ANGELES, July 2 /Christian Newswire/ — Going against the grain in Wall Street can definitely pay off, as Peter Casula Jr. can attest: his portfolios have earned double digit returns since their inception in 2003 and ending in 2007. While the current state of the market has many individuals reluctant to invest, Casula views the upheaval as a window of opportunity, and is publishing his strategies for maintaining a secure investment portfolio in his first book Inter-Economic Market Allocation: How the Average Investor Can Beat the Market.

According to Casula, many fearful investors are unsure of what to do with their finances given the current state of the market. „People are pulling money out of their retirement plans without a good plan of where to put their finances next, so they are defaulting to bonds,“ states Casula, „The problem, however, isn’t the market fundamentally – it’s where you put your money in the market.“

Casula’s strategy stands in contrast to conventional Wall Street advice on asset allocation, which tells investors to allocate their capital between cash, equities and income. This strategy, says Casula, isn’t adequate to properly diversify and hedge portfolios in today’s global economy, which consists more than just stocks or the real estate market.

„It’s almost as if Wall Street thinks the average investor isn’t capable of understanding the market,“ states Casula, whose strategy of asset allocation expands beyond just three market sectors into seven.

In addition to detailing this strategy, Inter-Economic Market Allocation also helps its readers to understand the contemporary market, as well as market psychology. As the result of years of careful research and observation, Casula is well versed in the history of the economy and markets and continues to maintain a watchful eye on market indicators as they relate to economic and market cycles.

Through his understanding of these issues, particularly as they relate to the paradigms that shape investors‘ decision-making processes, Casula is well- positioned to help his readers answer the most important question of all: what is their mentality towards their finances?

„People need to honestly assess their relationship with financial risk before making any investment,“ says Casula, who constantly strives to provide the investor with full disclosure. „At the end of the day, the specific allocation mix that will bring you the most satisfaction is dependent on your temperament, not the market.“

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