Little Egypt Minister Offers Wit, Wisdom, and Inspiration Enjoyed by Believers and Non-believers Alike

Little Egypt Minister Offers Wit, Wisdom, and Inspiration Enjoyed by Believers and Non-believers Alike

CENTRALIA, Ill., July 1 /Christian Newswire/ — In his new book „Ken Qualls Just Thinking Out Loud“ Xulon Press [ISBN 978-1- 60791-397-9], pastor Qualls draws on his three decades of experience ministering in small rural Churches to address various aspects of Christian life and thought.

Gently exposing their foibles, follies and flaws he encourages believers to remember that they are ambassadors of the kingdom of God. Qualls strongly believes that the Bible is the word of God and that Christians have a grave responsibility to rightly interpret it. He also believes that believers owe it to the world to be equipped to give an intelligent, well- reasoned explanation for the faith they profess. The reader will quickly sense the passion he has for the Bible and the compassion and respect he has for both fellow believers and unbelievers.

The book is a compilation of articles Qualls has written over the years. A Tribute to Hypocrites, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Leave a Well in the Valley, Lessons from the Miracle Kitten, The Saddest Time of Year, In the Dark of the Midnight, and What Floats Your Boat are but a few of the chapters that illustrate the author’s understanding of and connectedness with the average person and the realities of life.

Ken Qualls is an ordained Southern Baptist bi- vocational pastor born and raised in Southern Illinois also known as Little Egypt. According to Qualls, as a teenager his pastor and his wife Ferdie and Margaret Schimpf thought that God would use him as a professional comedian.

Qualls says he has always been an avid reader and enjoyed writing. Robert J. Hastings, essayist, editor, storyteller and author [A Nickel’s Worth of Skim Milk, Penny’s Worth of Minced Ham, The Station, Tinyburg Tales] encouraged him to write and published his first article, a guest editorial, in the Illinois Baptist.

Without big marketing dollars, a celebrity author, high power publicity or a mega ministry to sell it, Ken Qualls Just Thinking Out Loud, an easy read that will inspire, edify and entertain the reader, is quickly finding a place in hearts and homes across America.

Just Thinking Out Loud is available from and booksellers everywhere.