June Hunt and Hope for the Heart Celebrate 100th Hope Biblical Counseling Institute in June

June Hunt and Hope for the Heart Celebrate 100th Hope Biblical Counseling Institute in June

DALLAS, June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — Since its inception in September 2002, HOPE FOR THE HEART’s Hope Biblical Counseling Institute, (BCI), has equipped nearly 6,000 leaders, counselors, and other caring people from around the country in providing biblical solutions for life’s toughest problems. HOPE FOR THE HEART, a 23-year-old worldwide biblical counseling ministry, founded by author and speaker June Hunt, will celebrate its 100th BCI this month at its Dallas headquarters.

The BCIs originally were a cooperative venture between the ministry and Dallas‘ Criswell College, with Hunt providing biblical answers for issues such as anger and abuse, grief and guilt, depression and hope, along with addressing numerous apologetic topics in a conference setting. Since 1989, Hunt has developed 100 Biblical Counseling Keys, equipping everyday people with biblical hope and practical help for even more of life’s most challenging questions. The four sections of the Keys–Definitions, Characteristics, Causes, Solutions–provide the core material for the BCIs.

„God is unmistakably at work through our BCIs…changing minds, changing hearts, and changing lives,“ states Hunt, founder, CEO & CSO (Chief Servant Officer) of HOPE FOR THE HEART. „Our conference evaluations bear countless testimonies of reconciliation, restoration, and redemption. Nothing could be a bigger blessing!“

Each interactive conference provides 9 hours of in- depth teaching on one topic. In addition, Hunt shares one poignant telephone call each hour from her live call-in counseling program, Hope In The Night. One of the most popular features of the conferences, the calls enable participants to analyze the conversations and learn valuable insights and techniques from Hunt’s own example. Offered monthly on designated Tuesday evenings and Saturdays, each session enables teachers to receive practical training and Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) through the Association of Christian Schools International.

Hunt is committed to unraveling the complex issues of life to make a positive difference for those in great need. As a former youth director, then later a college and career director in her church, Hunt realized early on the enormous need to become skilled in Christian apologetics and biblical counseling.

As founder of radio programs HOPE FOR THE HEART and HOPE IN THE NIGHT, Hunt pours out God’s life- changing truth to thousands with approximately 400 airings of the 2 broadcasts each weekday across the U.S., and nearly 100 daily airings in 13 countries. „I love sharing God’s truth for today’s problems,“ Hunt says. „Nothing else is more life-changing than the personal and practical application of the Word of God.“

About HOPE FOR THE HEART: Based in Dallas, Texas, HOPE FOR THE HEART is a worldwide Christian ministry that provides life-changing resources for biblical counseling in over 20 languages and encouragement to leaders and professional caregivers as well as individuals. The organization broadcasts programs on more than 300 radio outlets worldwide, offers training, and provides a wealth of print, web-based, and audio tools based on a library of 100 proprietary Biblical Counseling Keys.