Relationship Expert Offers Hope to King of Pop, Four Days Before His Death

Relationship Expert Offers Hope to King of Pop, Four Days Before His Death

Nationally-known television evangelist interrupts Sunday morning worship service with a prophetic message to king of pop, „…He’s greater than the hole in your heart…“

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Gregory Dickow, Pastor of Life Changers International Church outside Chicago, baffled worshippers when, at the end of this past Sunday’s Father’s Day service, he looked into the television camera and stated, „I announce to the king of pop, today, my (Heavenly) Father is greater than all that was done to you and all that you’ve done and is greater than the hole in your heart and He will fill it to overflowing.“ Afterward, Dickow simply ended the service. Only a few days later would the world learn how prophetic, and stunning, his statement was when reports surfaced that the ‚king of pop‘ was dead. Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, when attempts to revive him from full cardiac arrest were unsuccessful.

When asked if he knew of any health problems the pop star was suffering with, Dickow stated, „I’ve never met Michael Jackson and knew nothing about his health. There’s no way I could have known that within just a few days we’d be watching reports of his (Jackson’s) death on national TV.“ Dickow continued „Certainly, I pray that Michael Jackson knew God and that his family will find peace during this time of mourning.“

In addition to heading up the large Chicago suburban mega church, Dickow also appears daily on the Changing Your Life television program on stations across the world as well as hosting the popular live radio show, Ask the Pastor.

„I may never know if the message God gave me for Michael actually reached him. But it’s the same message I’ll continue to give folks everywhere I go“, Dickow said.

Videotape of the sermon will be shown on an upcoming broadcast. Until then, the excerpt can be seen on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites worldwide.

Known by thousands across the country as a relationship expert, Dickow also authored the new book, The Power to Change Today, a book that guides its readers through steps toward a fulfilled life.