Does the Ticking Time Bomb in the Middle East Threaten All of Mankind

Does the Ticking Time Bomb in the Middle East Threaten All of Mankind

MEDIA ADVISORY, Aug. 21 /Christian Newswire/ — J. E. Becker has written a new series called The Armageddon Trilogy that addresses this issue. The first book: The Beginning of the End is already out. The story opens with the signing of the Peace Covenant between the Palestinians and the Israelis. It begins to tell in fiction form the outworking of things predicted in Bible Prophecy well over 2000 years ago.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is simply a forerunner to developing the two states. The Palestinian Authority talks of peace with Israel. Hamas talks of their total destruction. Hamas has to go. The headquarters of Hamas is in Damascus.

Are Damascus and Tel Aviv nearing destruction?
Is a twenty-seven-hundred year-old prophecy about to be fulfilled? Damascus claims to be, if not the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, at least the oldest continuous inhabited capitol city in the world. Isaiah, a prophet in the Old Testament, predicted that Damascus would cease to be a city and become a ruinous heap. Isaiah also predicts the ruination of both Syrian and Israeli economies. Does this sound like today’s headlines?

Obviously, this prophecy is unfulfilled. An earthquake could not completely destroy a city this large. Besides, Isaiah predicts the fortress of Ephraim will cease also. The only major city in Israel that fits this description is Tel Aviv, which stands upon ground taken over by the tribe of Ephraim when Dan’s tribe moved north. Tel Aviv also houses the Department of Defense, the Israeli Defense Force Headquarters, the South Ministry of Defense Headquarters and two army bases. The Hebrew word for "fortress" figuratively means "defender".

Destroying two large cities suggests a nuclear exchange between these countries. So, is this prophecy on the verge of fulfillment? J. E. Becker, who has studied Bible Prophecy for over fifty years, thinks so. She uses this scenario as back history to drive the Israelis and the Palestinians to the peace table.

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