A New Method of Biblical Stewardship: Change the World Through Environmental Energy Solutions

A New Method of Biblical Stewardship: Change the World Through Environmental Energy Solutions

ENUMCLAW, Wash., July 15 /Christian Newswire/ — A windstorm knocks out the electricity in your home. How do you react?

After about three hours sans electric lights, refrigerators, heating, or air conditioning, most Americans panic. „Western civilization would cease to be civilized without electricity,“ says electrical engineer Richard „Rick“ Gasaway, author of „An Inconvenient Purpose: Linking Godly Stewardship and Alternative Energy.“

Just ask anyone who experienced the August 2003 northeastern blackout, which left 50 million people without utility power for hours and caused an estimated economic loss of $6 billion dollars. „We expect reliability from electricity just as we expect a chair not to collapse when we sit down,“ Gasaway says.

But while electricity is crucial to most people’s daily lives, few think beyond the dollars and cents it costs on the utility bill.

„I doubt many Christians have biblical stewardship of energy issues high on their list. It is an inconvenient purpose,“ Gasaway says. He believes dependence on non-sustainable fuels such as oil hide a slippery slope to greed, sin, and idolatry.

Concerned about the void of Christian voices in energy and environmental issues, Gasaway urges Christians to become leaders in stewarding God’s creation. While it’s impractical for Christians to stop using energy, they can’t continue on the unsustainable pace they’re currently living, he says. Christians must begin practicing what he calls „green stewardship“– learning about and using alternative energy technologies that better honor God, such as wind, fuel cells, tidal, bio-fuels, and solar power.

„Energy supply issues transcend economics and politics,“ Gasaway says. „They are biblical stewardship issues. Christians can and should lead in this area, honoring God by caring for His creation.“

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