Are You a Spiritual Fast-Food Junkie? Author Encourages Readers to Take an Active Part in their Spiritual Health

Are You a Spiritual Fast-Food Junkie? Author Encourages Readers to Take an Active Part in their Spiritual Health

ENUMCLAW, Wash., July 20 /Christian Newswire/ — All over the internet you can find people searching for some form of spirituality. Blogs, message boards, and websites discuss this topic of getting closer to God in some way. According to one online Christian article, we play a role in whether or not this happens. „God makes it clear that we can cultivate His presence in our lives,“ Daniel W. Jarvis states in his article „Getting close to God: Is it Realistic to Seek Him?“ He goes on to explain that, while God is everywhere all the time, we can pursue Him with expectancy, knowing that He promises to meet with everyone who seeks Him sincerely and passionately. So, if people want and supposedly have some control over our closeness with God, how can they have what they crave?

In his new book „God Wants You Closer to Him,“ Robin L. Conners reveals that a desired close relationship is not one sided. Conners offers guidance to those who seek a closer relationship with God. „The way to get closer to him,“ Conners says in the book’s introduction, „is by understanding His words in the Bible and how to apply them to your everyday life.“ The author shows how possible this is by weaving his own experiences throughout the chapters as examples of how God got his attention, taught him, and helped him to grow in spiritual understanding. Conners offers biblical evidence of God’s desire to have a one-on-one relationship with believers, as well as revealing how to have an effective prayer life, persevere through trials, deal with anger and temptation, and experience God’s peace and protection. Conners helps readers put the pieces of their faith-life together in a way that allows them to see the hand of God working and drawing them closer to Him through all of it.

Robin L. Conners is an Air Force veteran and Quality Assurance Evaluator for the Air Force Academy in Colorado. A lifetime resident of Colorado Springs, CO, Conners is an outdoorsman who loves hiking, camping and backpacking. But his favorite hobby, he says, is learning about God and how to serve and grow closer to Him.

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