America Cannot Afford Health Care

America Cannot Afford Health Care

WASHINGTON, June 30 /Christian Newswire/ — President Barack Obama has said that the passage of his Health Bill is very important. He also says we must pass it now because the cost will go up and we cannot allow people to need health care and not receive it.

The truth is health care is being handled better in the United States than it is by other nations who have health care provisions. America cannot afford it because the Federal Government is already broke and has trouble borrowing any more money.

Swarthout asks, „How are we going to pay for this program? When will America realize the Federal Government is broke and does not have any money? Besides, all of the money our government receives comes directly from you and I when we pay our taxes.“

Swarthout added, „It is time to say NO to our government. We must say NO until our government learns to live within their means and cut unnecessary spending programs for which you and I are now paying. Friends, you cannot run your household budget the way we allow the Federal Government to run theirs.“

What have the uninsured people been doing for health care all of these years? The answer is simple. They have been going to Emergency Rooms to be treated because our laws and the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors say that they must be treated.

You and I have been paying for their treatment even though some people may not think we are paying their bills. But, think about that for just a minute.

Let’s remember that hospitals are in business to make money. They cannot continue to stay in business unless somebody, you and I, pay for those who cannot pay for themselves. So the hospitals figure the cost of treating the uninsured into the costs of treating responsible people who can pay. Therefore, you and I are ALREADY paying for people who cannot pay for themselves.

Now the Government wants to run our Health Care Program. Never mind the fact that the Government has stolen our Social Security money and has replaced it with worthless IOU’s. The government is broke and cannot pay us back what they stole from us in the form of Social Security money. Of course the government does not say anything about that fact. Besides we already have a $12,000,000,000 dollar deficit.

Swarthout concluded, „Health Care for everyone would be nice…if we could afford it. However, for America Health Care is just another good idea that we cannot afford.“

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