A Match Made in Heaven — PLACE Ministries Helps to Build More Effective Church Ministries, Happier Staff and Volunteers

A Match Made in Heaven — PLACE Ministries Helps to Build More Effective Church Ministries, Happier Staff and Volunteers

PLACE Ministries Celebrates 12-Year Anniversary, Introduces Blog and Social Media Outreach

ALPHARETTA, GA, July 8 /Christian Newswire/ — PLACE Ministries is celebrating its 12-year anniversary in helping churches build effective church ministries that resulted in fulfilled staff and volunteers. In an effort to provide more helpful advice and resources to individuals and ministries alike, PLACE Ministries is introducing a blog and social media outreach program.

PLACE Ministries offers personal online student and adult assessments and holds Bible-based workshop trainings. These workshops are designed to teach ministry leaders how best to match opportunities within the church with each person’s personality, skills, passions and life experiences. The result of these specialized trainings is a more empowered and focused staff, which helps to draw more fulfilled volunteers.

By incorporating social media elements, PLACE Ministries will be able to offer guidance and resources to church ministries and Christians through many different channels. The new blog will feature industry experts who will share their knowledge of building and maintaining a harmonious community in the church and in life.

Later on this month, PLACE Ministries will enter the Twittersphere with five designated Twitterers. It will expand its role to support and share its expertise with their followers on Twitter.

„PLACE Ministries is excited to provide new resources and fresh options to help people and ministries alike on their journey. The team we have put together for the blog is eager to share best practices from church ministries across the country. While the team and topics discussed will be diverse, each individual is passionate about helping God’s people connect to meaningful ministry. Each individual also uses and understands the difference PLACE tools and resources make in church ministries across the country,“ said Jay McSwain, president of PLACE Ministries.

About PLACE Ministries
PLACE Ministries focuses on assisting church ministries in helping its members understand who they are in Christ and how they can use their spiritual gifts to benefit others. As a Bible-based, self-discovery process PLACE helps pastors, church members, lay leaders and others realize their ideal PLACE of ministry in life and in the local church. PLACE was created 12 years ago out of a desire to help pastors design and maximize church ministries and to help Christians discover their purpose-driven ministry through PLACE’s assessment tools, spiritual gifts inventory, DISC assessment, leadership training workshops and more.

To learn more about PLACE Ministries, visit www.PLACEMinistries.org.

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