A Legendary Bible Teacher Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award From the Trade Association of Christian Publishers

A Legendary Bible Teacher Receives a Lifetime Achievement Award From the Trade Association of Christian Publishers

David C. Cook Author Warren Wiersbe Receives Lifetime Award for the ‚Be‘ Bible Commentaries

DENVER, July 17 /Christian Newswire/ — Warren Wiersbe was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Christian Booksellers Association for his „Be“ Bible Commentaries at CBA’s annual convention, July 12. Over 6 million of his commentaries have been distributed worldwide by David C. Cook in 35 languages, including Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Billy Graham called Wiersbe „one of the greatest Bible expositors of our generation.“ Wiersbe, the former pastor of Moody Church in Chicago and teacher on the popular Back to the Bible radio series, is internationally recognized as someone who has given his life to a deep examination of the Word of God.

Wiersbe credits the worldwide popularity of his commentaries to the fact that they are not tied to American culture. He said, „I stay away from clichés and ‚Americanisms.‘ If a study is too complicated, it becomes shallow. If it’s simple, it’s profound.“ Wiersbe’s commentaries on every book in the Bible are called the „Be“ series because all titles begin with „Be“–Be Delivered about the book of Exodus or Be Courageous about the Gospel of Luke.

Eric Thurman, President of Global Mission at David C. Cook says, „Cook gives millions of resources each year to church leaders in places like China, India and Cuba. No matter what the culture, these pastors constantly tell us that the Wiersbe commentaries are what they want most.“

Cook has provided free commentaries to over 90% of the pastors and leaders in Cuba. In Vietnam, 83,500 commentaries have been distributed so far to church leaders, with more on the way. Over 40,000 in Myanmar. In India over 88,000 leaders, one-third of all the pastors in India, have received 12 titles of the „Be“ series in one of ten Indian languages. In China 300,000 pastors and leaders are receiving „Be“ commentaries this year alone.

Wiersbe said, „Years ago my wife Betty and I wanted to be missionaries. God said, ‚No, you stay home and send others.‘ Now in this absolute miracle of God, He sent my books, not me, around the world.“

David C. Cook is a nonprofit Christian ministry that publishes worldwide, is a major producer of praise and worship music through its Kingsway unit in the United Kingdom, and is a leading distributor of Christian books in Canada.

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