New Novel, ‚He Flew Too High,‘ Explores Religious Extremism and Betrayal Within Mennonite Community

New Novel, ‚He Flew Too High,‘ Explores Religious Extremism and Betrayal Within Mennonite Community

ENUMCLAW, Wash., June 29 /Christian Newswire/ — Ken Yoder Reed’s grandparents drove a horse and buggy–not because they lived during „the olden days,“ but because they were Amish and Old Order Mennonite.

And, although Reed has long since moved from his childhood home on a southeastern Pennsylvania farm to California’s Silicon Valley, he calls himself a „refugee Mennonite.“

A former journalist, Reed describes his boyhood life in Pennsylvania: „I read voraciously–when I was supposed to be tending the cows–but I never found a book that described life as I saw it all around me on the farm, in the church, at the family gatherings.“

His first book, „Mennonite Soldier“ (Masthof Press) retold the famous Prodigal Son story with two brothers in World War I. With his new novel, „He Flew Too High,“ Reed says: „This is my boyhood world–post- World War II Kittochtinny, a fictitious Mennonite community in Pennsylvania. It’s the story I was born to tell.“

The novel’s protagonist, Saul MacNamara, is an Army nuclear bombing planner who falls in love with the daughter of a Mennonite bishop. Tormented by his belief that his work is morally evil, Saul abandons his career, marries the young woman and fully embraces her pacifist Mennonite lifestyle.

But as Saul grows convicted that a revival is needed to stop the tidal wave of Fifties American culture–and that he’s the one to lead it–he alienates himself from those he cares for most: his own dear wife, her father, and the community’s tradition-bound bishops.

The novel follows Saul as he makes a series of devastating decisions that threaten to destroy the lives not only of his own family, but of the entire community.

„The novel helps readers understand that zealous crusaders for God can inadvertently destroy others,“ says Reed. „But amid the devastation, forgiveness may come sweetly, like an unexpected vision.“

To purchase a copy, visit or call 877-421-7323. To see a video book trailer, visit To schedule an interview, or request a review copy contact Abigail Davidson at 360-802-9758 or

Survivors Announce Southern California Rally for Life Featuring Rev. Walter Hoye on Tuesday, June 30 in Norco, California

Survivors Announce Southern California Rally for Life Featuring Rev. Walter Hoye on Tuesday, June 30 in Norco, California

NORCO, Calif., June 28 /Christian Newswire/ — The Southern California Rally for Life will take place on Tuesday, June 30, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at New Beginnings Community Church at 1769 Western Avenue in Norco, California. With the theme of „Building a culture of life during the Obama presidency“, the rally will feature keynote speaker Rev. Walter Hoye, II, along with prominent pro-life leaders Troy Newman of Operation Rescue and Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition.

Rev. Walter Hoye, II is the Founder and President of the Issues4Life Foundation. Rev. Hoye, a pro-life hero of our times, recently spent 19 days in jail for his peaceful pro-life work in Oakland, California. Pastor Hoye was arrested while standing on a sidewalk with a sign that read, „Jesus loves you and your baby, let us help you.“

The Rally for Life is sponsored by the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, a national pro-life youth activism organization. Over 70 young people, ages 14 to 30, will be participating in the Rally for Life as part of the Survivors 12th annual ProLife Training Camp. The Rally for Life is co-sponsored by other local pro-life organizations, including Riverside 40 Days for Life and Corona Life Services. For more information:

The following high school students, attendees of the Survivors ProLife Training Camp, are available for further comments at 540-538-4741.

„Since one third of our generation has been murdered, it’s our duty as members of this generation to be the voice for those who didn’t have one,“ says Amaris Gonzalez, age 17. „With this rally we are encouraging people to be the voice and to show that this generation is now standing for life and will continue to fight until this abortion holocaust has ended.“

Presley Crowe, 17, states, „As a young woman living in a society where the brutal murder of unborn children is widely accepted, I want to encourage all men and women young and old to stand up for the right to life for all. This past year in a national survey, 51% of Americans polled said they were pro-life. We are not alone. We need to band together and continue to fight for the right to life for all human beings, especially the unborn. We are living in a society that is being led by the most pro-abortion president in history. Time is crucial — we must stand up now on behalf of the unborn.“

Adam Shelton, 17, states, „With the rising of the most pro-abortion president of all time, we need to show America that the tables have turned and the majority of people are pro-life rather than pro-choice.“

For interviews contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540- 538-4741

Society Honoring Gun Saint Commends Catholic Sportsmen’s Organization on 10th Anniversary Sporting Clays Classic

Gun Saint. Photo: Christian Newswire

Society Honoring Gun Saint Commends Catholic Sportsmen’s Organization on 10th Anniversary Sporting Clays Classic

ARLINGTON, VA, June 27 /Christian Newswire/ — The St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc. ( commends the Catholic Sportsmen’s Organization (CSO) on its successful 10th Anniversary annual Father’s Day Sporting Clays Classic, Society Chairman John M. Snyder stated today.

„We take our hats off to co-founders John Aquilino and Chris Carroll. For a decade now, these two gentlemen have worked successfully to put together this annual sport shooting charity competition the Saturday before Father’s Day. It’s held each year at the Prince George’s County, Maryland Trap and Skeet Center.“

About 80 shooters participated in a number of events at the tournament. The Society contributed St. Gabriel Possenti medallions included on plagues awarded 10 winners. Over the years, according to Aquilino, CSO „has raised nearly $90,000 for local youth athletic, educational, and arts activities, including scouts.“ This year, the Knights of Columbus of St. Jerome’s Parish, Hyattsville, Maryland cooperated in preparation of the event. Aquilino is active in Knights Council 5564.

Snyder said that, „as we approach the Fourth of July, it’s significant to note that Chris and his six brothers and seven sisters are direct descendants of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, one of the signers of our Declaration of Independence in 1776. Chris‘ leadership highlights the very real connection between shooting skills and the independence we celebrate this coming weekend. After all, it is because of early Americans‘ shooting skills that we are able to celebrate our independence.“

St. Gabriel Possenti was a mid-19th century Catholic seminarian who was proficient in the use of shotguns, rifles and handguns. He used handguns in 1860 to rescue villagers of Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy from a gang of marauders. He died of consumption two years later. In 1920, Pope Benedict XV canonized him. The international Society seeks his official Vatican designation as Patron of Handgunners. Interdenominational in scope, it emphasizes the historical, philosophical and theological bases for the right of self-defense. (

Operation Rescue Office Attacked in Broad Daylight

Operation Rescue Office Attacked in Broad Daylight

WICHITA, Kansas, June 27 /Christian Newswire/ — Friday afternoon, June 26, a man on a bicycle attacked Operation Rescue’s national headquarters in Wichita, Kansas, and attempted to disable the security system. There were four people working in the office at the time.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman heard noise outside his office and observed the assailant through the security cameras attempting to gain access to the roof. Newman rushed outside and confronted the man, who then tried to punch Newman. When that failed, he flung his bicycle at Newman then fled the scene.

One security camera was stolen causing an estimated $1,000 in damage. No one was hurt in the fracas.

Police were called and a report was filed, but the suspect is still at large.

Ironically, at the time of the attack Newman was on the telephone giving an interview to a reporter from the Washington Times about the increase in threats against Operation Rescue staff members in the wake of the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller.

„In light of the recent events, the targeting of our security system is troubling. We can’t help but think that if this attack happened to an abortion clinic, there would be federal marshals patrolling and investigating. The police seemed apathetic. It’s almost as if pro-lifers are second-class citizens,“ said Newman.

„We are just thankful that no one was injured and that the attacker was interrupted before he could do more damage. We will be increasing our security precautions as a result of this incident. We have a very dedicated staff, and no amount of intimidation will deter us from our work.“

About Operation Rescue®
Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation. Operation Rescue recently made headlines when it bought and closed an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas and has become the voice of the pro-life activist movement in America. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to restore legal personhood to the pre-born and stop abortion in obedience to biblical mandates.

Boston Cardinal O’Malley Withdraws Caritas Christi from Potential Abortion Scandal

Boston Cardinal O’Malley Withdraws Caritas Christi from Potential Abortion Scandal

WASHINGTON, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is a statement from American Life League president Judie Brown regarding Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s announcement that archdiocese-affiliated Caritas Christi Healthcare has withdrawn ownership of CeltiCare Health Plan. The announcement comes only two days after A.L.L. announced it would launch an investigation into the scandal.

„Praise God! After months of tireless effort from American Life League and pro-life heroes in Boston and around the country to expose a potential scandal only days away from becoming a tragic betrayal of Catholicism’s unwavering commitment to the dignity of the human person, Cardinal Sean O’Malley has heard our voices and will end the joint venture with abortion-providing Centene Corp!

„We profoundly thank Cardinal O’Malley for his courage, leadership and pastoral concern for the health and well-being of those youngest members of his archdiocese. He has set a beautiful example of dedication and charity for those poorest of the poor — the preborn.

„Cardinal O’Malley has answered our call and beat the clock as the minutes ticked away until the July 1 launch of the new CeltiCare Health Plan and the Catholic Church’s participation in the intrinsic evil of abortion.

„Together with the thousands of American Life League supporters whose voices cried out in horror to the Cardinal at the thought of the Archdiocese of Boston supporting and promoting abortion, we congratulate Cardinal O’Malley on his commitment to the Faith — even during this time of severe financial crisis.

„It has been American Life League’s privilege and honor to work alongside Massachusetts heroes Carol McKinley, C.J. Doyle of Catholic Action League and many other Boston pro-lifers in our effort to bring this potential scandal to light.

„Their constant vigilance and unwavering dedication to truth were a clear voice of conscience in Boston and the archdiocese is incredibly blessed to have such soldiers for Christ in their pews.

„What happened in Boston will ring out far beyond the potential scandal that could have involved Caritas Christi and thereby the Archdiocese. Cardinal O’Malley’s reaffirmation of the Faith, when it would have been all too easy to compromise, is a sign of the vitality of United States Catholics‘ commitment to human life and personhood.

„American Life League and our supporters are humbled to stand alongside Cardinal O’Malley as a sign of contradiction to the culture of death.“

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro- life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


American Life League: ALL Promises Caritas Christi Investigation After July 1 (24 June 2009)

Catholic Action League of Massachusetts

Boston Globe: Caritas Ends Venture Over Abortion Issue (26 June 2009)

Momentum Builds for Pro-Life Prayer-&-Picket of NEA Teacher Union Convention in San Diego & NEA State HQs on July 2

Momentum Builds for Pro-Life Prayer-&-Picket of NEA Teacher Union Convention in San Diego & NEA State HQs on July 2; Troy Newman, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, and Jeff White Join Team of Coordinators; Pastors & Churches Urged to Promote Demonstrations Across USA

SAN DIEGO, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Bob Pawson of Pro-Life Educators And Students (PLEAS), announces, „Our growing team of pro-life coordinators now includes Jeff White from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Rev. Patrick Mahoney of Christian Defense Coalition, and Troy Newman of Operation Rescue, for the July 2 prayer-and-picket demonstrations during the NEA teacher union convention at the San Diego Convention Center and NEA-State-Affiliate offices across America.

„These esteemed pro-life leaders are promoting and recruiting for our peaceful, prayerful demonstrations regarding the NEA leadership’s pro-abortion track record. They are speaking at the Rally for Life at New Beginnings Church in Norco, CA, this Tuesday evening alongside Rev. Walter B. Hoye II, president of Issues4Life Foundation.“

Pro-Life citizens, teachers, parents, and children are urged to picket the National Education Association leadership’s pro-abortion policies, actions, and agenda in San Diego between 10:00AM and 2:00PM and NEA-State-Affiliate-HQs in cities across America from 11:00AM through 1:00PM.

„During these final days before July 2nd, pro-life leaders, pastors, groups, and individuals are encouraged to organize demonstrations of a dozen or two picketers at NEA offices in their state’s capitals and hometowns. Promote at worship services this Sunday. Gather together your family members and a few pro-life friends and just go to your state’s NEA- affiliate offices with pro-life posters. Pray and picket for an hour. Children are especially effective messengers highlighting the hypocrisy of teacher-union leaders supporting abortion,“ said Pawson.

„The number of locations nationwide is more important than the number of picketers at any location. We don’t necessarily need hundreds of picketers at each state’s NEA-HQ. A dozen or two would be sufficient — multiplied by many sites across 50 states. Pro-Lifers far from state capitals can picket their county or town’s local NEA-affiliate listed in telephone book white pages.“

Survivors founder, Jeff White, said, „It seems bizarre and surreal that teachers, people whose love for children is supposedly second only to that of their parents, would support the mass killing of babies. The Abortion Holocaust has also eliminated multitudes of jobs and careers for teachers and school workers. Why do NEA members tolerate this from their so-called leaders?“

„Apparently this event will be the first highly visible pro- life event since the murder of George Tiller,“ said Pawson. „Pro-abortion militants and hostile media pundits have exploited the killing of Tiller, by a madman not associated with our movement, to intimidate pro-lifers into silence and surrender. Our peaceful, prayerfully pickets should inspire millions of pro-life Americans to reaffirm that we express our concern, compassion, and desire for true justice through lawful, constitutional means using reason, rational discourse, and our right to assemble in the public square.“

Pro-Life Opinion editor, Gingi Edmonds, says, „An overwhelming majority of NEA members, 82%, believe their union leaders should take no official position on abortion. Regardless of their personal political views, NEA members expect the leadership to fight for things like better teacher pay and higher standards in school; not to support pro-abortion candidates and justices who argue for killing the next generation of students.“

State and local organizers should e-mail PLEAS detailing locations and leadership contact info. Also, send digital photos or video to PLEAS later that afternoon.

Mary Kuper reports that she and local San Diegan pro- life volunteers „will be located inside the NEA convention, in a booth, helping to educate the delegates on life issues.“

New Book Renders Strong Piece of Historical Fiction

Photo: Christian Newswire
New Book Renders Strong Piece of Historical Fiction

Book Review by J. Alpha, US Review of Books

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — „As it is with all children who accept the reins of responsibility from a powerful parent, ultimately a time came when there were choices to be made that only a Heavenly Father could understand.“

„Threads: An American Tapestry“ by Gloria Waldron Hukle ( is a story that deftly weaves together the struggles and triumphs of the differing visions and conflicts of the independent-minded characters of the New York Hudson Valley colonials, which comprised a mix of European, African, and Native American cultures, with the turmoil in the lives of three siblings–heirs to the estate of Gerrit Vandenberg, a wealthy New York North River Valley landowner.

However, as the central theme of Threads reveals, prosperity does not exclude life’s struggles from the affluent, nor is it a shield against the lifelong prejudices and alienation Margaret Vandenberg had experienced as a „high-brow Indian woman“–Garrit Vandenberg’s „half-breed“ daughter, who in spite of her good intentions and acts of charity and generosity remains a slave to the suspicions, mistrust, and hatred of her mixed heritage and Old World enemies as she struggles to retain sole control over her families upstate New York estate when her long thought dead brother returns with a wife and business partner. Thus the stage has been set for Threads compelling story conflict which builds on the tension between the main characters, their internal constraints, and the outside forces of their environment and opposing external forces.

As the story (circa 1723) begins, Margaret Vandenberg–well into her thirties–prepares to marry for the first time while facing the smoldering emotions of envy and perceived corruption of religious beliefs, in addition to the tragic murder of one of her black servants and the secret involvement of another who is harboring runaway slaves by providing a stopover at her manor on their way to Canada.

Compelled to follow an obstacle strewn path, Margaret knew full well that her decisions would alter the course of her life, but never could have conceived of all the other lives that would also be altered. A woman of strong faith, Margaret vows that she will leave her fate, in God’s hand, but yet as a strong, resourceful, and independent woman she also understands that the consequences of her decisions are hers to hold forever.

Threads–Hukle’s third installment in The Waldron Series–is a reflective tale told with an infusion of relevant historical facts that enhance both the action and pacing of the plot. Often in historical fiction, authors unintentionally lose their characters inside their story-like passages of exhaustive research, but Hukle has completely avoided this common pitfall, having rendered a strong piece of historical fiction for readers to be drawn into with her solid research, solid character renderings, and solid writing.

The US Review of Books
PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560

Scotland’s Highlands Reached Through Evangelist Luis Palau’s Two-Week Campaign

Scotland’s Highlands Reached Through Evangelist Luis Palau’s Two-Week Campaign

More than 60 outreach events saturate the region with the Gospel, spark hope for local churches

INVERNESS, Scotland, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Highland Festival with Luis Palau culminated in Inverness, Scotland on June 20 after two weeks of more than 60 outreach events in more than a dozen towns throughout Scotland’s Highlands. Local pastors praised the Palau outreach for the unity it created among participating churches and for saturating the Highlands with the Gospel message. Most of the sparsely populated towns impacted by the campaign have not witnessed such a large scale effort since Palau’s previous Scottish campaigns that ran from 1979-1981.

„You can definitely sense the secularization and lack of church attendance,“ said the Argentine evangelist, the grandson of Scotsman Robert Balfour. „I have asked young people ‚do you go to church?‘ and they look at me like I’m from another planet.“ But just as he noted 30 years ago, Palau said, „Scotland is once again dry tinder, ready to catch fire for the Lord.“

The Highland Festival involved more than 100 churches — that’s more than half the region’s total church population — representing nearly every denomination. Together with Palau, his son Andrew, and a team of partner evangelists, these churches made a profound impact through a combination of preaching, music, skateboarding, sports, and good, old-fashioned fun. An estimated 5 percent of attendees made a commitment to Christ.

„What a great blessing we have seen through Highland Festival with Luis Palau,“ said Lord Mackay of Clashfern, honorary chairman of the campaign and, until recently, the third most powerful person in the United Kingdom’s government as Lord Chancellor. „Never in recent history has there been such a widespread evangelistic effort that touched so many people of all ages in so many locations throughout the Highlands.“

Leading up to the final event, an outdoor festival in Inverness on June 19-20, were eight mini-festivals in nearby towns, more than 40 outreaches at schools and prisons, a tea for women held at the personal castle of well-known Christian businesswoman Anne Gloag, a business leaders‘ luncheon, and two evenings of traditional music and preaching at an indoor theatre. By the end of the culminating festival, officials estimated approximately 20,000 people had been reached with the Gospel message — representing 10 percent of the population of the surrounding area and marking a significant step forward for evangelism in the region.

„The number of people reached is tremendous for Scotland’s Highlands,“ said Palau, also noting that the clear message of God’s salvation was also broadcast throughout the entire United Kingdom via BBC4 and through press stories. „I am encouraged! But even more, we are excited for the unity, collaboration, and vision this campaign has given the local churches. Christian leaders want to continue this work.“

Palau’s worldwide festivals also include widespread community service initiatives, now known as Season of Service campaigns. In Inverness, thousands of pounds of food were collected through a partnership with Blythswood Care. „It is obvious that the recession and resulting unemployment is hitting parts of the Highlands very hard,“ said Blythswood chief executive James Campbell. „The food bank will tide many hundreds of adults and children over, when otherwise they would face the prospect of real deprivation.“

„We are praising God through this entire campaign,“ said Palau. „We give thanks to our prayer partners who interceded on behalf of the people of the Highlands and gave to make it all possible. We continue praying that this is just the beginning of what God plans to do in this area.“

Audio Bible Ministry Grows Outreach in Sri Lanka

Audio Bible Ministry Grows Outreach in Sri Lanka

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Tens of thousands died in the fighting, and many more thousands fled in search of peace. Now, hundreds of thousands survive in refugee camps not far from the places they once called home.

After 26 years of bitter civil war in Sri Lanka, this island nation’s militarized minority, the Tamil Tigers, laid down their weapons. This transition has opened the door for the Good News to come into areas once cut- off from the world.

„Conditions in Sri Lanka are difficult right now — closed roads, unsanitary living conditions and lack of resources,“ said Doug Harstine, Faith Comes By Hearing regional manager.

„There is great need, especially for food. Relief organizations and Faith Comes By Hearing partners, like the Ceylon Bible Society, are assessing which regions have the most damage,“ said Harstine. „The rebel-held areas, which were once closed and heavily guarded, will be open again soon.“

During this time of rebuilding comes a rebuilding of faith.

„The people are ready for the message of hope that comes from God’s Word,“ he said. „We’re working with the Ceylon Bible Society to distribute Audio Bibles in those refugee camps.“

Harstine said Faith Comes By Hearing is expanding their impact in the region by forming a new outreach team and sending out a recording team.

„Our new Faith Comes By Hearing outreach team is made up of Ceylon Bible Society staff. These dedicated believers will go into these areas and camps, come alongside churches and ministries and start Audio Bible listening groups,“ said Harstine.

As people hear God’s Word, they are discipled and transformed; they respond by planting churches.

„The recording team will re-record the Tamil Audio Bible using indigenous voices,“ said Harstine. „The current recording was voiced by Indians because of the lack of access to the Tamil region. Now, the Word of God will be in their dialect, and Tamil people will be more open to the Scriptures.“

After finishing the Tamil New Testament, this team will record other languages in South Asia.

Faith Comes By Hearing’s mission is to record the New Testament in 2,000 languages and to implement two million Bible listening groups by 2016 to reach the 50% of the world who cannot read and are poor. Faith Comes By Hearing now has 439 Audio Scripture recordings in 371 languages. All are available for free download at

GFA President Praises Indian Government Move to Strike Down Anti-Conversion Laws

GFA President Praises Indian Government Move to Strike Down Anti-Conversion Laws

CARROLLTON, Texas, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — The newly elected Indian government, led by the moderate Congress party, is taking a strong stand against anti-conversion legislation that has restricted religious freedom in the nation. They plan to block bills introduced in a number of states by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This is very encouraging news for Christians and other minorities in the nation.

Dr. K.P. Yohannan, president of Gospel for Asia, gladly welcomed the news of the Indian government’s recent stand.

„It’s absolutely encouraging to see the government is upholding the constitution and its secular values of freedom of choice and liberty for the people,“ he said. „Continue to pray for those in authority, that they will protect the rights of the minorities in their freedom to choose.“

The controversial anti-conversion laws, ironically called the „Freedom of Religion“ acts, are currently active in five states: Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Two more states–Rajasthan and Arunachal Pradesh– have passed anti-conversion legislation but not yet put it into practice. Anti-conversion legislation has also been introduced in the state of Karnataka.

The impact on these states will vary depending on whether the BJP is dominant there. In Rajasthan, an anti-conversion law had been passed but had not yet been implemented. With the consent of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, the Indian government plans to nullify it there.

For Madhya Pradesh, they plan to withhold consent to the ruling BJP, which had proposed amendments that would make the law there even more stringent. Digvijay Singh, the former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and today a senior official in the Congress party, agrees with the federal government’s concerns that the bill infringes on the religious freedom outlined in the constitution, according to

„When I was chief minister in those 10 years, there was no case for forcible conversion,“ he told a media source.

Where enacted, the laws have held strict penalties for anyone declared guilty of either converting someone or of changing their religion without first informing the government 30 days beforehand. Depending on the state, this could mean two years in prison, a heavy fine, or even both.

While the laws were reportedly introduced to check religious conversions made by „force, fraud or allurement,“ Christians say they have been misused to attack and arrest pastors on made-up charges.

Gospel for Asia is an evangelical mission organization based in Carrollton involved in sharing the love of Jesus across South Asia.

Relationship Expert Offers Hope to King of Pop, Four Days Before His Death

Relationship Expert Offers Hope to King of Pop, Four Days Before His Death

Nationally-known television evangelist interrupts Sunday morning worship service with a prophetic message to king of pop, „…He’s greater than the hole in your heart…“

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Gregory Dickow, Pastor of Life Changers International Church outside Chicago, baffled worshippers when, at the end of this past Sunday’s Father’s Day service, he looked into the television camera and stated, „I announce to the king of pop, today, my (Heavenly) Father is greater than all that was done to you and all that you’ve done and is greater than the hole in your heart and He will fill it to overflowing.“ Afterward, Dickow simply ended the service. Only a few days later would the world learn how prophetic, and stunning, his statement was when reports surfaced that the ‚king of pop‘ was dead. Jackson was pronounced dead at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon, when attempts to revive him from full cardiac arrest were unsuccessful.

When asked if he knew of any health problems the pop star was suffering with, Dickow stated, „I’ve never met Michael Jackson and knew nothing about his health. There’s no way I could have known that within just a few days we’d be watching reports of his (Jackson’s) death on national TV.“ Dickow continued „Certainly, I pray that Michael Jackson knew God and that his family will find peace during this time of mourning.“

In addition to heading up the large Chicago suburban mega church, Dickow also appears daily on the Changing Your Life television program on stations across the world as well as hosting the popular live radio show, Ask the Pastor.

„I may never know if the message God gave me for Michael actually reached him. But it’s the same message I’ll continue to give folks everywhere I go“, Dickow said.

Videotape of the sermon will be shown on an upcoming broadcast. Until then, the excerpt can be seen on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites worldwide.

Known by thousands across the country as a relationship expert, Dickow also authored the new book, The Power to Change Today, a book that guides its readers through steps toward a fulfilled life.

Dr. Craig Williford Named President of Trinity International University

Dr. Craig Williford Named President of Trinity International University

DEERFIELD, Ill., June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Dr. Craig Williford was named President of Trinity International University (TIU) by a vote at the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Leadership Conference in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, on Thursday, June 25, 2009. The TIU community welcomes President Williford, and his wife Carolyn, as they help lead the university in fulfilling its mission to educate men and women for faithful participation in God’s redemptive work in the world.

„After a prayerful and thorough search, we know that God has brought us his person in his timing to be the next President of Trinity International University,“ remarked Presidential Search Committee Chairman Chuck Thor. „Dr. Williford brings a strong commitment to Christ and the Kingdom of God, along with unusual leadership talents and an impressive track record of leadership in the local church and in Christian higher education.“

Dr. Williford began serving as acting president of the university on April 1, 2009, after a unanimous recommendation from Trinity’s Board of Regents and approval by the EFCA Board of Directors. An ordained minister of the EFCA, Dr. and Mrs. Williford have been warmly welcomed on campus by students, faculty, and staff, and look with great anticipation to the future of Trinity International University.

„Carolyn and I are humbled and pleased to have the privilege of serving as the presidential couple here at Trinity International University,“ said Dr. Williford. „We express our sincere thanks to the Board of Regents and the EFCA for determining that God has called us to this role.“

Dr. and Mrs. Williford humbly ask the Trinity community to join them in prayer. „We covet your prayers that God will empower us for this responsibility and mobilize Trinity to continue to significantly influence the Kingdom of God for His glory through our alumni. We look forward to meeting and working with the entire Trinity family.“

Trinity International University is a private, Christian university comprising four schools and two centers: Trinity College, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Trinity Graduate School, Trinity Law School, The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity, and the Carl F.H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding. Trinity has more than 2,900 students from 45 countries and throughout the United States. TIU exists to educate men and women for faithful participation in God’s redemptive work in the world by cultivating academic excellence, Christian fidelity, and lifelong learning.

For more information and images, see or e-mail

‚California, Stand Up for Jesus‘ — State-wide Prayer Rally, Wed, 5 Aug 09, 6pm

‚California, Stand Up for Jesus‘ — State-wide Prayer Rally, Wed, 5 Aug 09, 6pm

‚California, Stand Up for Jesus‘ — State-wide Prayer Rally, Confirmed: 5 Aug 09 at 6pm

LODI, Calif., June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — The following information is submitted by former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt of The Pray in Jesus Name Project:

PRAYER RALLY DATE IS NOW CONFIRMED and re- scheduled for Wednesday, 5 Aug 2009, 6pm PST.

The Lodi City Council is considering a vote to BAN THE NAME OF JESUS from public prayers offered before city council meetings. The clerk and city council members now confirm they have scheduled a public debate (and possibly a vote) on 5 August.

–Former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt will fly in to lead the rally with many California pastors. (Pastors please call „Chaps“ right now: 719-360-5132.)

–Pastor Everett Robinson of The Will Of God Christian Center will lead coordination efforts on the ground. (Bus coordinators and volunteers please call Pastor Robinson: 707-333-1282.)

–Lodi California Mayor Larry D. Hansen fears a lawsuit by atheist groups if he doesn’t silence Christian prayers, and has requested to hear your public opinion.

–Prayer rally outside on steps at 6pm, Wednesday, 5 August 2009, before debate.
–City Council meeting and debate or vote at 7pm, inside, „standing room only.“

Lodi City Council Meeting
Carnegie Forum
305 W. Pine Street
Lodi, CA 95240

Where exactly?
Map and driving directions here:

What happened? Prayer in Jesus name to be banned. Read the SHOCKING NEWS REPORTS here:

Take action nation-wide! Sign the online petition, receive email updates and alerts (optional):

California pastors please announce three things from the Pulpit:

1) I plan to attend if possible, to stand up for Jesus.

2) I want every man in our church to attend if possible, to stand up for Jesus.

3) I want every woman and child to attend if possible, to stand up for Jesus.

CHURCH FLYER: Download, Copy, Distribute, Free 8.5 X 11 Flyer Here:

Everybody please make flyer copies for every member at all churches every Sunday before the 5 August 09 city council meeting. Then everybody please email this press release widely around the whole state.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Please call Chaplain Klingenschmitt.

ALL CALIFORNIA PASTORS: Please call Chaps now: 719-360-5132, then call Pastor Robinson: 707-333- 1282.

California, it’s time to take a stand for Jesus.

Let’s rally and pray, in Jesus‘ name,
Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt („Chaps“)
Chaps‘ Bio:

All 18 House Church Leaders Released in Sichuan

House church leader Li Ming. Photo: Christian Newswire

All 18 House Church Leaders Released in Sichuan

SICHUAN, China, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — All 18 house church leaders arrested in Langzhong city, Sichuan province on June 9 were released due to pressure from many supporters who called the PSB office after seeing ChinaAid’s press release. Thirteen of the leaders served administrative detention for 10 days and were released on June 20 (Beijing time). The five leaders sentenced to criminal detention were released on June 23.

The house church leaders were arrested on June 9, when more than 30 house church leaders were gathered in Pastor Li Ming’s house church at 5:30 p.m. in Langzhong city, Sichuan province. Several dozen officials in six to seven police vehicles from the local Domestic Security Protection Squad surrounded the site, then arrested all 30 of the Christians and searched the house. Police released 12 leaders the same day, but detained 18.

ChinaAid, together with 18 released house church leaders, express heartfelt gratitude to those whose prayers and phone calls led to their release.

ChinaAid grants permission to reproduce photos and/or information for non-fundraising purposes, with the provision that is credited. Please contact: with questions or requests for further information.

Heaven and the Afterlife: Separating Fact from Fiction

Heaven and the Afterlife: Separating Fact from Fiction

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Born from our culture’s preoccupation and fear of death, the obsession with the supernatural and afterlife is everywhere in society today. From the „Twilight“ phenomenon to the popular television shows of „Lost“ and „Medium“ to the blockbuster „90 Minutes in Heaven“ book, the fascination with this topic is seemingly endless.

But with so many differing–and even contradictory– answers and experiences, who and what can people believe really believe as the truth?

Seeing a deeper need in this insatiable appetite for the supernatural, bestselling author and popular apologist Dr. James Garlow helps readers sort out the fact from the fiction in „Heaven and the Afterlife“ (Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group; July). Based on years of biblical study and first-hand experiences as a teacher and pastor, he gives straightforward answers to the confusing and sometimes troubling issues of heaven, hell, ghosts, angels, near-death experiences, and much more.

Written in a candid and easy-to-understand way, „Heaven and the Afterlife“ is a trustworthy examination of the world beyond this life. In its pages readers will find amazing first-person stories of supernatural experiences, accounts from the Bible, testimonies, theories, and also what some of the world’s religions believe on the subject.

Speaking not only to Christians, Garlow makes the information accessible to anyone looking for simple answers to the fascinating subject of the world beyond this life.

About the Author: James L. Garlow, Ph.D., is the coauthor of „Cracking DaVinci’s Code“, with a half million copies in print. He is the senior pastor of Skyline Wesleyan Church in San Diego, and a speaker at pastors‘ and leaders‘ conferences. Jim has master’s degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Asbury Theological Seminary, and a PhD in historical theology from Drew University. He speaks nationwide and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX, and NBC. His daily radio commentary, The Garlow Perspective, can be heard on nearly 500 outlets. Jim and his wife are the parents of four children and live in San Diego, California.

More information including questions and answers with James Garlow and an excerpt: 7642-0576-7.

Catholics Learn How to Read and Study the Bible

Catholics Learn How to Read and Study the Bible

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is information on the 2009 National Catholic Bible Conference:

What: The 2009 National Catholic Bible Conference will feature ten of the most effective Catholic bible teachers and biblical scholars in the country. The theme of the event is „Scripture in the Life and Mission of the Church.“ The conference will begin with mass, followed by a keynote from Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput on Friday morning. Several additional talks will offer opportunities to encounter Scripture in both an informative and transformative sense and inspire participants to put God’s Word into practice.

When: Friday and Saturday, June 26-27, 2009

Where: St. Thomas More Church located at 8035 South Quebec Street, Centennial, Colorado.

Speakers: Catholic speakers including Jeff Cavins, Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Ted Sri, Dr. Brant Pitre, Dr. Peter Williamson, Dr. Mary Healy, Curtis Martin, Thomas Smith, Sarah Christmyer and Deb Holiday.

Who: Anyone interested in learning the Bible. Also, bible study leaders, priests and religious leaders.

Info: Sponsored by Ascension Press, The Augustine Institute and The Denver Catholic Biblical School, the National Catholic Bible Conference seeks to bring people from all over North America together to study the Bible for both knowledge and enrichment.

Information on the conference and how to register can be found at

For interviews, please contact Christine Schicker of The Maximus Group at 404-610-8871.

Dr. Alveda King: Celebrity Passings Remind Us of the Importance of Each Life

Dr. Alveda King: Celebrity Passings Remind Us of the Importance of Each Life

ATLANTA, June 26 /Christian Newswire/ — Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., commented today on the deaths of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon.

„The passing of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and Ed McMahon takes me back to another time,“ said Dr. King, „a time that certainly had its turmoil, but that also had its promises. The passing of these ’stars‘ reminds me of the days when ABC was a fresh and innocent song without hints of profanity or gratuitous sex; the time before beautiful Farrah became an Angel; and Ed and Johnny gave us late night television. Those were the days and times when life was precious in America.
„The memories of Michael, Farrah, and Ed take us back 40 years and over 50 million abortions ago,“ added Dr. King. „They remind me and my fellow pro- life civil rights warriors how the choices we make shape not only our lives, but the future of others. They teach us yet again that one life can touch the world.“

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro- life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

President Obama’s Progressive Foreign and Human Rights Policy: ‚If You Slaughter and Brutalize Your Own People, You will Still Get Invited to a 4th of

President Obama’s Progressive Foreign and Human Rights Policy: ‚If You Slaughter and Brutalize Your Own People, You will Still Get Invited to a 4th of July Celebration‘

WASHINGTON, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — The Obama Administration refuses to rescind its invitation for Iranian diplomats to attend 4th of July celebrations at US embassies around the world.

This invitation still stands in spite of the Iranian government brutalizing and murdering their people as they peacefully cry for human rights and fair elections.

This is a slap in the face and disgrace to all Iranians who are seeking human rights and justice, especially to those like Neda, a 26 year old student, who was gunned down for simply yearning for freedom.

The group wonders aloud what the next step by President Obama will be toward Iran. Inviting them to a New Year’s Eve party after they launch a nuclear attack on Israel?

The Christian Defense Coalition calls upon the faith community to pray and fast for the people of Iran as they engage in this historic struggle for freedom.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states,

„It is an absolute disgrace that the Obama Administration has refused to rescind their invitation to Iranian diplomats to attend 4th of July celebrations at US embassies around the world.

„This invitation is still in place even after the Iranian government has brutally murdered, beaten, jailed and tortured innocent Iranian citizens for peacefully crying out for human rights and fair elections.

„President Obama has chosen to ignore the sacrifices of people like Neda, the 26 year old student, who gave her life for the cause of freedom. What kind of message is this sending to these heroic young people who are only seeking their God given rights for social justice and liberty? I also wonder what kind of message this is sending to the leaders of Iran who are being rewarding for oppressing and brutalizing their own people?

„Is this the new Obama foreign policy doctrine?

„What makes this even more troubling is the fact that it is a 4th of July celebration. Think of the tragic irony of this situation. President Obama is inviting Iranian leaders who brutalize and murder their own people for seeking liberty and freedom, to a holiday celebrating America’s historic victory seeking liberty and freedom.

„One thing is clear from the Obama Administration. If you are Iran, you will be rewarded for crushing human rights and democracy.“

For more information and interviews contact: Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney at 540.538.4741 202.547.1735

LA Passes Conscience Clause Bill for ALL Health Care Workers

LA Passes Conscience Clause Bill for ALL Health Care Workers

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — The LA Healthcare Workers Conscience Act, HB-517, passed late this afternoon, LARTL is reporting. Despite efforts to dilute the inevitability of the bill by pro-abortion pols, pro-life legislators fought off the attack against rights of conscience for ALL health care workers. The bill had been amended days ago so that it only applied to public employees, but Sen. Amedee was able to strip that line from the bill today. The LA House had originally passed the bill by a 2 to 1 margin of 65 to 33. The Senate followed last week and the final Senate- House conference overwhelmingly passed the conference bill 31-2. Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has a strong pro-life record, has promised to sign the bill.

Pharmacists For Life International (PFLI) is the only pharmacy association which is exclusively pro-life, something no other pharmacy organization can say (or would have the courage to say!). PFLI is a worldwide apostolate of thousands of pharmacists, plus hundreds of other health professionals, pharmacy students, interns, pharmacy technicians, and the public, in the USA, Canada and worldwide. We have active regional coordinators in many states and nations. For more information or the latest breaking news in matters of conscience or the pharmacy profession go to, and sign up for FREE daily email news while you’re there!

YouTube Removes New Undercover Student Video of Planned Parenthood without Explanation

YouTube Removes New Undercover Student Video of Planned Parenthood without Explanation

LOS ANGELES, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Without offering any specific explanation, the video-sharing site YouTube has removed a new video by the student group Live Action that shows dishonest counseling practices at Planned Parenthood. The video first plays undercover footage of a Planned Parenthood counselor from Tucson, AZ telling a patient that images of aborted fetuses „are not real“ and then shows photographs of a completed abortion and documentation of their authenticity.

Lila Rose, 20-year-old president of Live Action, calls on YouTube to re-instate the video in accordance with its own guidelines: „Since the video we posted does not violate any terms of use, we expect YouTube to re- instate it immediately. YouTube’s own ‚Community Guideline Tips‘ advise that intense or disturbing imaging should be ‚balanced with additional context and information,‘ which is exactly what Live Action has done.“ YouTube has removed videos posted by Live Action without explanation before, including videos showing Planned Parenthood employees caught on tape sympathizing with donors with racist agendas to encourage the abortion of black babies.

Live Action’s videos use undercover tactics to expose fraudulent practices in the abortion industry and are similar to other „sting“ investigations which journalists often post on YouTube. The most recent video is part of Live Action’s Mona Lisa Project, which documents abusive practices in Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation. Footage released to date has caught on hidden camera six Planned Parenthood clinics in three states ignoring their mandatory reporting responsibilities for statutory rape and protecting adult-child sexual relationships. Recently the Tennessee State Legislature used undercover footage from Live Action to help divert nearly $1 million in taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood clinics, and in California, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to end a nearly $300,000 contract with the abortion provider.

„New media is vital to educating the public about the shocking realities of abortion practice in America,“ Rose emphasizes. „Our videos show hard truths about the abortion industry that must be seen and dealt with. Lawmakers and their constituents are recognizing this, but YouTube does everyone a disservice when they cooperate with Planned Parenthood in burying the evidence of abuse.“

For more information, including the censored video, visit

National ‚Faith in Action Sunday‘ Set for Oct. 11

Faith Sunday in Action. Photo: Christian Newswire

National ‚Faith in Action Sunday‘ Set for Oct. 11

Churches across America to Close Doors on Sunday to Serve Communities during Tough Economic Times

Web Site Launched to Support Expanding Movement

VISTA, Calif., June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — The third annual „Faith In Action Sunday“ — which challenges churches to literally close their doors on a Sunday morning and go out and serve their communities — will take place on Oct. 11 this year.

Photo: A young member of CloudBreak Church in San Diego helps with a clean-up effort in his community during „Faith in Action Sunday“ last year.

„Faith in Action“ was developed by World Vision, Zondervan and Outreach, Inc. in 2007 to encourage churches, ministries and small groups to serve and meet practical needs in their local communities.

The „Faith in Action“ movement is quickly becoming a viral online community of service-minded churches, collecting photos, videos and testimonies via RSS feeds from other popular sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A new web site — — has been developed to support this growing movement.

„Faith in Action“ also utilizes an online social network to connect churches with one another’s stories and successes. Participants can find more resources to equip their congregations for service at

John Ortberg, best-selling author and pastor, is the national spokesman for „Faith in Action.“ He called the initiative „a dynamic program that galvanizes your congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus in meeting real needs in your local community.“

Richard Stearns, president for World Vision, agreed. „‚Faith in Action‘ is a powerful way to demonstrate the love of Jesus to our neighbors,“ he said.

„Churches all over the U.S. — even churches that are financially stressed themselves — have made a genuine difference to their struggling and hurting neighbors with the ‚Faith in Action‘ program,“ said Eric Abel, vice president of marketing for Outreach, Inc.

Churches have organized food drives and helped the elderly and needy with home repairs. Some groups cleaned and landscaped public areas or private homes. Some maintained women’s or homeless shelters. And one church adopted a school and committed to performing regular clean-up and gardening tasks.

The „Faith in Action“ program includes an awareness building campaign that educates the church on the power of „loving our neighbors.“ The program also helps church members invite people in their community to join in serving. Small group materials are also available in Spanish.

„Pastors are raving about the results, saying it really made a difference in their communities. Their members can’t wait to do it again,“ said Abel.

More than 800 churches have signed up for „Faith in Action Sunday“ to date, although some have chosen alternative dates for the event. Some are joining together to do community-wide and even city-wide events.

The theme for this year’s „Faith in Action Sunday“ is „Don’t go to church. Be the church,“ said Abel.

„First Lady Michele Obama recently went on national television asking Americans to volunteer in their local communities. ‚Faith in Action‘ is a great way to show the world that service is not just a one-time initiative, but for followers of Jesus Christ, is a way of life,“ he said.

„I recommend ‚Faith in Action‘ to any church that wants to mobilize for greater community outreach,“ said John O’Neal, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Wash., one of the churches that participated in „Faith in Action Sunday“ in 2008.

Eric Marsh, pastor of Long Beach Grace Brethren Church, in California, said, „‚Faith in Action‘ is a way to kick-start a church’s focus on external service. It’s not just the one-day thing.“

World Vision ( ) is the world’s largest Christian humanitarian relief organization. Outreach, Inc. ( is a leading provider of outreach and evangelistic material for churches.

10 Finalists Chosen in Season Premiere of ‚Gospel Dream‘

Gospel Dream. Photo: Christian Newswire

10 Finalists Chosen in Season Premiere of ‚Gospel Dream‘

Their Journey Continues Weds. Night July 1 @ 10 PM ET/9 PM CT

ATLANTA, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Last night’s Season Four premiere of Gospel Music Channel’s (GMC) American Idol®-style talent search series Gospel Dream had a little bit of everything: rousing performance highs, disappointing performance lows; tears of joy, tears of sorrow; judges‘ praise, judges‘ criticism; contestants moving on, contestants going home; drama, comedy and much more. (Viewers can catch special encores of the season premiere episode Sat. June 27 (8:00 P.M., 1:00 A.M.) and Sunday, June 28 (8:00 P.M., 11:00 P.M.) on GMC. All times eastern.

The judges deciding the fate of the contestants are: Michelle Williams from the GRAMMY- winning group „Destiny’s Child“; One of Gospel music’s most prolific talents, J. Moss; and one of the music industry’s most respected executives, Mitchell Solarek. Kimberley Locke, the first American Idol® alumnae to debut at #1 on the Billboard charts with a non-Idol single, serves as co-host along with Mike Kasem („MTV’s Top 20 Video Countdown“ „American Top 10“). In addition, two major musical artists will serve as surprise coaches during the season. The theme for the Gospel Dream’s fourth season: The Greatest Inspirational Songs of All Time.

Twenty-six people were sent home last night with the judges selecting these contestants as the Top Ten Finalists:

Contestant, Hometown, Audition City, Age

Amber Davies, Brownsville, TN Nashville, TN 18
Ashli Marie Pritchett, Thomaston, GA Atlanta, GA 16
Erin Lyder, Boston, MA Atlanta, GA 24
Jasmine Jackson, Murfreesboro, TN Nashville, TN 21
NeVar Massey, Hampton, GA Atlanta, GA 34
Rashelle Garrett, Ceres, CA Oakland, CA 32
Robert Mauti, Nashville, TN Nashville, TN 26
Tim Stylez, Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA 27
Tony LeBron, Boca Raton, FL Orlando, FL 32
Travis Lindseth, Kirkland, WA Seattle, WA 21

The next new episode of Gospel Dream premieres on GMC Weds. July 1 at 10:00 P.M. ET/9:00 CT.

Gospel Dream talent auditions invited solo artists between the ages of 16-40, from all genres of Gospel/Christian music styles, including traditional, rock, pop, country and soul to compete for the final competition in Nashville from which ten finalists– and ultimately one winner–will be chosen by a celebrity panel of industry professionals. The winning artist will receive record and music video exposure, among other prizes.

The Gospel Dream series was created by Executive Producer Elvin Ross who is also the series‘ executive producer and musical director. Gospel Music Channel is the fastest-growing network in television and can be seen in 45 million homes on various cable systems around the country, on DIRECTV on channel 338 and on Verizon FiOS on channel 224.

Contact: Jim Weiss, Gospel Music Channel, 770-692- 4579,

Fr. Pavone: President Obama Does Not Share the Pope’s Belief in the Dignity of All People

Fr. Pavone: President Obama Does Not Share the Pope’s Belief in the Dignity of All People

STATEN ISLAND, NY, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, today reacted to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs‘ statement that President Obama and Pope Benedict have a „shared belief in the dignity of all people.“

Fr. Pavone stated, „They do not. President Obama believes in the dignity of most people, but not all. We call on the President to clearly state that children should be protected by law before birth, not just after.“

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro- life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

Nixon Tapes Show One More Link Between Abortion and Racism Says Dr. Alveda King

Nixon Tapes Show One More Link Between Abortion and Racism Says Dr. Alveda King

ATLANTA, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., responded today to the news that White House tapes of President Nixon reveal him saying that he thought abortion was ’necessary‘ when one parent was white and one was black.

„Since its inception, the abortion movement has been eliminating people that it considers undesirable — people of color or those with low income,“ said Dr. King. „President Nixon’s comment is just one more reminder that abortion and racism are inextricably linked.“

The Nixon tapes coincide with the release of a new DVD expose on slavery, racism and eugenics, available at, wherein a White House recorded conversation between then President Nixon and staffers shows that the President was in agreement with population control under certain circumstances.

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro- life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

Nixon Tapes Show One More Link Between Abortion and Racism Says Dr. Alveda King

Nixon Tapes Show One More Link Between Abortion and Racism Says Dr. Alveda King

ATLANTA, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., responded today to the news that White House tapes of President Nixon reveal him saying that he thought abortion was ’necessary‘ when one parent was white and one was black.

„Since its inception, the abortion movement has been eliminating people that it considers undesirable — people of color or those with low income,“ said Dr. King. „President Nixon’s comment is just one more reminder that abortion and racism are inextricably linked.“

The Nixon tapes coincide with the release of a new DVD expose on slavery, racism and eugenics, available at, wherein a White House recorded conversation between then President Nixon and staffers shows that the President was in agreement with population control under certain circumstances.

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro- life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

Mountain States, Wellmont Foundations Sponsor Christian Medical and Dental Associations Medical Missions Conference

Mountain States, Wellmont Foundations Sponsor Christian Medical & Dental Associations Medical Missions Conference

BRISTOL, Tenn., June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Christian Medical & Dental Associations, Mountain States Foundation and Wellmont Foundation announced today that they will be working together to equip and encourage healthcare professionals to share their professional skills with hurting and needy people in this region and around the globe. The first annual Partners in Medical Missions Conference, „Discover the JOY“ will be held on Saturday, January 30, 2010 at Meadowview Conference Center in Kingsport, TN.

„The Mountain States Foundation focuses on many different areas of our community where we can make a difference. A project such as this conference that helps healthcare professionals provide the best care possible while also highlighting the multiple needs inside and outside our region is an extremely worthwhile venture and fits directly with the goals of our Foundation,“ said Pat Holtsclaw, president of the Mountain States Foundation.

Physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, students preparing for missions and other healthcare personnel will have the opportunity to learn more about domestic and international missions through a wide selection of experienced missionaries, workshop speakers, exhibitors and networking. Dr. Michael Johnson will be among the speakers who says he has been „held captive“ in Africa since he and his wife’s first trip in 1984. „The children and families living on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, and the need to show compassion and care for these destitute and desperate people are our captors.“

Other speakers include: Drs. Joe Smiddy, Sue Cantrell, David Stevens, Sam Molind, Phil Thornton and Daniel Tolen. Four sessions and three sets of workshops covering the practical aspects of missions will educate, inspire and encourage participation in both national and international missions.

„When Dr. Joe Smiddy came to me and asked Christian Medical & Dental Associations to spear- head this conference, I felt it was a perfect match to our mission and vision. I am extremely pleased that our regional healthcare foundations are sponsors and know together we can make a difference in the state of healthcare in the world,“ states Dave Stevens, MD, CEO, Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

Joe Smiddy, MD, Medical Director for the „Discover the JOY“ Conference expressed, „East Tennessee is home base to several local, regional and international missions organizations. This conference will highlight local and international needs and inspire individuals and organizations to reach out with best missions practices. We are most fortunate to have the world wide headquarters of the Christian Medical and Dental Association here in our area, and to have them collaborate with Mountain States and Wellmont Foundations to sponsor this major conference.“

„The Wellmont Foundation is happy to provide sponsorship for such a worthy effort,“ said Todd Norris, executive director of Wellmont Foundation. „We work with physician partners who are passionate about supporting the Partners in Medical Missions Conference, which could help people in need in our region and around the globe. So we’re excited to stand with them to help bring this project to fruition.“

„Discover the JOY is a way that weary healthcare professionals can restore their joy in healthcare as they learn how to serve others through the skills and talents God has given them,“ states Stevens.

Mountain States and Wellmont Foundations sponsorship allows the conference to be affordable. For more information and to register online go to

New Radio Drama Release Disproves Popular Darwinist Myths

New Radio Drama Release Disproves Popular Darwinist Myths

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Vision Forum Ministries has announced the release of „Jonathan Park and The Journey Never Taken“, 12 new half-hour episodes that disprove popular Darwinist myths in a family radio drama format. This new release of the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure Series — which is being rolled out as the world is celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary of Origin of the Species this year — is the latest installment in the internationally-broadcast audio drama that airs on more than 650 radio outlets worldwide.

„The dead-end theory of Darwinism is shown for what it is in ‚The Journey Never Taken'“, stated Doug Phillips, President of Vision Forum Ministries. „And the release of these new episodes could not be more timely. As Richard Dawkins and other leading proponents of evolutionary theory prepare to celebrate their patron saint at the 2009 Darwin Festival next month, Jonathan Park strikes a different tone — one that shows the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the much-venerated worldview of Charles Darwin.“

The best-selling Jonathan Park audio drama series follows young Jonathan and his paleontologist family on their adventures around the globe. In „Jonathan Park and the Journey Never Taken“, the Polar Star Medallion mysteriously shows up at the Brenan Museum of Creation, quickly throwing the Creation Response Team into a memorable scavenger hunt. Cryptic clues lead their team to Sweden, Scotland, and beyond in search of a promised treasure. Along the way, they explore the true history of Charles Darwin and his colleagues and learn how these men helped perpetuate the myth of a universe created without a Creator.

„For years, the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure series has been equipping parents and children to defend creation truths against evolution’s lies,“ noted Phillips. „And the series continues to grow in popularity. We simply can’t produce the series fast enough to meet the demand. The excitement over this new release has been extraordinary as we have been overwhelmed by requests from listeners of all ages who have been eagerly awaiting the 12 new episodes. Gratefully, the wait is over, and Jonathan’s most important adventure yet has begun.“

„While Darwinism’s impact remains far-reaching, its clutch on the culture is beginning to slip,“ concluded Phillips. „Programs like Jonathan Park illustrate the growing number of people who reject the notion that the world came to be through random chance and chaos, recognizing instead that the creation speaks forth of a Creator.“

To learn more about the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure Series, visit

To interview Doug Phillips concerning the Creation vs. Darwin controversy in light of the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure Series, contact Wesley Strackbein by e-mail at or by phone at (210) 340-5250, ext. 222.

A.L.L. Promises Caritas Christi Investigation After July 1

A.L.L. Promises Caritas Christi Investigation After July 1

WASHINGTON, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — American Life League executive director Shaun Kenney announced a new campaign to investigate whether young mothers will be referred for abortions by Caritas Christi, the Boston Archdiocese-affiliated healthcare provider, after its joint venture with CeltiCare goes into effect July 1.

„Caritas Christi and the Archdiocese of Boston have given reassurances that no Catholic hospitals will make abortion referrals,“ stated Kenney. „After July 1, we will put that guarantee to the test.“

Organizations such as Live Action Films and other pro- life organizations have successfully exposed unsafe and illegal healthcare practices at abortion facilities all over the United States. Such practices include covering up child rape, committing abortions on minors without the required parental consent or notification and intentionally altering legal forms in order to commit abortions.

If Archdiocese-affiliated Caritas Christi is indeed making referrals for — or participating in — activities incompatible with its Catholic identity, the financially- strapped healthcare system could set a dangerous new precedent for Catholic institutions around the country.

„American Life League and its associates will not be satisfied with a policy that provides degrees of separation between the mother and an abortion business,“ said Kenney. „Catholics within the Archdiocese of Boston should be told the truth.“

Under Cardinal Sean O’Malley’s leadership, Caritas Christi and the Archdiocese of Boston have been under intense scrutiny due to the abortion scandal that has rocked the Catholic and pro-life communities in Massachusetts and beyond over the past two months.

„Catholic hospitals have a worldwide reputation as places of mercy,“ said Kenney. „Abortion is no mercy. Our Catholic hospitals and institutions should be doing everything possible to safeguard our mothers and children from the horrors of abortion, not seeking new ways to turn a blind eye toward an ever- increasing social problem.

„This scandal will not go away quietly so long as mothers and their babies are threatened by abortion through a supposedly Catholic healthcare system,“ stated Kenney. „Either our Catholic hospitals live up to our Catholic identity and protect every human being — born and preborn — or we compromise our principles and turn a blind eye for the sake of state and federal funding. Mothers and their babies deserve much better, and we will do everything we can to ensure this is the case.

„American Life League and millions of pro-lifers continue to call on Cardinal Sean O’Malley to carefully review the agreement and stop Caritas Christi’s closed-door deal with the Massachusetts CeltiCare program,“ said Kenney.

The investigation is slated to begin on July 1 and run throughout the remainder of 2009.

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro- life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.


Boston Globe: Caritas Insurance Deal Faces Changes (11 June 2009)

American Life League: Revelations in Boston Archdiocese Caritas Scandal (17 June 2009)

American Life League: Caritas Abortion Scandal: More Questions – No Answers from Boston’s College (12 June 2009)

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Announces Opening of First Ever Hispanic Evangelical Think Tank, The Jesse Miranda Center

National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Announces Opening of First Ever Hispanic Evangelical Think Tank, The Jesse Miranda Center, in Addition to Four Regional Offices to Accommodate Unprecedented Growth in Hispanic Evangelical Community

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — America’s largest Hispanic Christian organization, The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), The Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals, announced the formal national launch of the Jesse Miranda Center, the first ever Hispanic Evangelical Think Tank. As the educational arm of the NHCLC, the Jesse Miranda Center will focus on research and leadership development addressing both ecclesiastical and social issues within the context of the Hispanic American Faith Experience.

„The 2008 elections, the arduous work of the NHCLC, immigration reform and the emergence of the Hispanic Mega Church Association, all speak to the growth of the Hispanic Evangelical community as the fastest growing and most influential segment of the American Faith Experience in the 21st Century. „For that matter, our center will conduct research and survey our constituency on faith and public policy matters while simultaneously facilitating an academically rich platform for leadership development,“ explained Dr. Jesse Miranda, Chief Executive of the NHCLC and founder of the Center.

Last year, NHCLC and the Center, working out of the Vanguard University Campus in Costa Mesa, California, partnered with Faith in Public Life and America’s Voice to publish a survey on „Hispanic Evangelicals and the 2008 Elections“. The survey accurately predicted the voting inclination of Hispanic Evangelicals. Correspondingly, Hispanic evangelicals were crucial to President Obama’s success in swing states such as Florida, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. This explains why Hispanic Evangelicals stand as one of the most sought after voting blocs in the current political landscape.

„Dr. Miranda is the Godfather of the Hispanic Evangelical movement. This Center will provide a prophetic and scholarly platform where Faith and research will converge around the nexus of Kingdom and Society. Our commitment to provide a unified voice for Hispanic Evangelicals coincides with a commitment to usher in a Cross Roots movement in America where the vertical and horizontal elements of the Cross stand reconciled as we address Salvation and Poverty Alleviation, Covenant and Community, Faith and Public Policy, John 3:16 and Matthew 25. At the end of the day, this center will produce Hispanic Evangelicals that embody the Kingdom passion of Dr. Billy Graham and the social activism of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,“ declared Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, NHCLC President.

The Conference announced the opening of regional offices to serve the growing Hispanic Evangelical community. NHCLC offices in Texas, Washington State, Pennsylvania, and Chicago will begin serving their corresponding regions on July 1, 2009.

Homosexuals Defame Black Church for Exercising their Religious Liberty: CADC Demands Tolerance

Homosexuals Defame Black Church for Exercising their Religious Liberty: CADC Demands Tolerance

BRIDGEPORT, Conn., June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — „Where is the tolerance for a church who tried to help a young man who freely asked for help to overcome homosexual temptations?“ asked Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. „No church deserves to be maligned for trying to help a troubled teen who asked for prayer.“

Manifested Glory Church, a non-denominational black church in Bridgeport, CT, has been under fire ever since a video appeared on the internet of the exorcism of a 16 year old young man who came to the church asking for help. The church holds to the historic, biblical view that homosexual behavior is unnatural and sinful.

„White homosexual activists who demand tolerance for their sexual sin have no right to defame black Christians for practicing their Constitutional religious liberty,“ said Cass. „As far as we know, this young man went to church on his own prerogative and left the church physically unharmed.“

„This church is being unjustly maligned for a spiritual practice that goes all the way back to Christ and the Apostles. The New Testament records very strange activity associated with demonic spirits. Jesus and the Apostles confronted these bizarre situations by praying for deliverance. The fact that the video may be strange or uncomfortable should not be surprising, but it is not a reason to attack people who are simply trying to help,“ said Cass.

„People have been delivered out of homosexual lifestyles ever since the church began,“ said Cass.

U.S.-built Ferry Sets Sail for Africa

U.S.-built Ferry Sets Sail for Africa

Thain Boatworks, Inc. Ships its First Containerized Ferry to Uganda

Thain and EarthWise Ventures, Inc., is Major Step Toward Rebuilding African Infrastructure

EVERETT, Wash., June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Thain Boatworks and EarthWise Ventures, Inc. will be shipping the first Thain Containerizable Ferry from Everett to Uganda the final week of July. According to Robert Smith, U.S.A CEO of EarthWise Ventures and President of Thain Boatworks, „The shipping of this vessel is the first step in fulfilling the Earthwise dream of rebuilding African infrastructure through for-profit, private investment.“

Just shy of 65′, the twin-hulled vessel is made of fiberglass-clad wood, and is designed to be disassembled and shipped in standard containers, to be reassembled in Uganda by a team comprised of Americans and Africans. Eventually, Thain BoatWorks plans to conduct most of its ferry production in a Ugandan-based factory, thus adding jobs and revenue to the Ugandan economy. The ferry is designed for passenger traffic, and is expected to carry between 150 and 200 passengers between various destinations on Lake Victoria. It is the first in a fleet that is expected to grow to at least 10 vessels over the next 10 years.

The first planned route will travel between Port Bell, Uganda, and Mwanza, Tanzania, a 185-mile cross- lake run. The ship is designed to be fast, covering the distance in approximately 8 hours time, 11 hours less than when the route was last served in 1996. Presently, the only way to travel between these destinations is an arduous 1- to 2-day bus trip over extremely poor roads.

EarthWise Co-Founders Robert Smith and Calvin Echodu have each founded and operated a variety of successful African and USA based for-profit and not- for-profit operations, including Agathos Foundation, ( and Pilgrim Uganda (, each a privately funded, not-for-profit serving the vulnerable populations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Rob Smith and/or Calvin Echodu, please call Rob Smith at (425) 319-1032. Photos available upon request.

Parents‘ Rights Amendment Reaches Milestone 100 Members of Congress Cosponsor Grassroots Movement to Ensure Parents‘ Freedom to Raise their Children

Parents‘ Rights Amendment Reaches Milestone

100 Members of Congress Cosponsor Grassroots Movement to Ensure Parents‘ Freedom to Raise their Children

WASHINGTON, June 25 /Christian Newswire/ — A Constitutional Amendment introduced by U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland, to protect the parent-child relationship has reached more than 100 co-sponsors in the House.

„More and more members of Congress and their constituents are recognizing the slow erosion of individual rights posed by the courts, government and international organizations and the threat presented to the parent-child relationship,“ Hoekstra said. „This is a grassroots movement fueled by increased awareness about sovereignty and the need to protect rights against government intrusion and international law. It is as simple as preserving parents‘ freedom to parent.“

The Parents‘ Rights Amendment (H.J.Res.42) would state explicitly in the U.S. Constitution that parents have a fundamental right to raise their children as they see fit, while protecting against abuse and neglect. Threats to the parent-child relationship include potential Senate ratification of the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

„A review of federal appellate decisions from 2008 demonstrates that our lower courts are turning away from the traditional Supreme Court standards on parental rights,“ said Michael Farris, J.D., president of „We need to act now to protect parental rights before this erosion results in a wholesale repudiation of our traditional American principles.“

For more information on the Parents‘ Rights Amendment and to see who has cosponsored the bill, please visit or

Laws Save Lives: Obama Proposal to Weaken Existing Law Will Result in More Lives Lost to Abortion

Laws Save Lives: Obama Proposal to Weaken Existing Law Will Result in More Lives Lost to Abortion

Susan B. Anthony List President calls for woman-centered solutions that offer true support for women facing unplanned pregnancies in the nation’s capital

WASHINGTON, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Today Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser joined the House Pro-Life Women’s Caucus to urge Congress to retain the Dornan Amendment, which prevents the use of federal taxpayer funds for abortion in the District of Columbia. President Obama has proposed weakening the language to allow taxpayer-funded abortions for the first time since 1996.

„The Dornan Amendment is commonsense policy that should be retained by Congress. Women facing unplanned pregnancies deserve woman-centered solutions to help both mother and child, not abortion on-demand, which pits mother against child in the most tragic of circumstances. Common sense dictates one truism: we won’t find reductions in abortion as long as we continue to subsidize and promote it at taxpayers‘ expense. The Obama administration’s promise to find ways to reduce abortion numbers rings hollow in such an environment. Our country is facing an acute economic crisis. Public support for legal abortion is on sharp decline. It’s clear that expanding taxpayer funding for abortion in our nation’s capital should be the last item on Congress‘ agenda. I join with the women of the House Pro-Life Women’s Caucus to urge Congress to honor the women of the District of Columbia by preserving the Dornan Amendment.“

President Obama’s budget recommendations to Congress call for the weakening of the Dornan Amendment, a longstanding law that has prevented taxpayer-funded abortion in the District of Columbia. The Constitution grants Congress the authority annually appropriate the entire budget for the District of Columbia. Joining Dannenfelser at today’s press conference on the U.S. Capitol grounds were: Chairwoman of the Pro-Life Women’s Caucus Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-OH), Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and Rep. Mary Fallin (R- OK).

Susan B. Anthony List activists have also sent over 230,000 letters urging Congress to keep taxpayer funds from supporting abortion on-demand in 2009, 30,000 of which urge preservation of the Dornan Amendment

The latest polling data from the Gallup’s Annual Values and Beliefs Survey found that a majority of Americans have identify themselves as ‚pro-life‘ for first time since 1995. 51% of respondents identified as ‚pro-life‘ while only 42% identified as ‚pro-choice.‘ This followed a national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press found overall support for abortion down by double- digits since August of 2008.

The Susan B. Anthony List is a nationwide network of Americans, over 158,000 residing in all 50 states, dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women in politics. Its connected Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process.

‚Child’s Rights‘ Forces Mobilize

‚Child’s Rights‘ Forces Mobilize

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Three major developments threatening parental rights have occurred in the last several days. On June 1 and 2, Georgetown University Law School hosted a two-day symposium entitled „The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC): Why It Is Time to Ratify.“ This well-funded conference was held to organize a new coalition effort by American internationalists to seek ratification of the UN child’s rights treaty.

In the second week of June, a major study was released by the British education ministry calling for dramatically dangerous increases in the regulation of homeschoolers in that nation. This study concludes that the UN CRC requires that the government enter every homeschooling home and privately interview each homeschooling child to determine „the child’s wishes“ regarding his or her education.

On June 17, at the UN headquarters in Geneva, the UN’s Human Rights Committee–which oversees all human rights treaties–announced that it was forming a committee to draft a new „protocol“ for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Under this new addition to the CRC, individual children would be able to file a formal legal complaint if they believe that their rights had been violated. It would give this new international tribunal the right to determine if the child’s treaty rights had been violated by any person. is a 501c4 non-profit organization existing solely for the purpose of passing a parental rights amendment to the US Constitution.

Adventures In Missions Announces ‚The Novas Project‘ for 18-24 Year-olds

Adventures In Missions Announces ‚The Novas Project‘ for 18-24 Year-olds

GAINESVILLE, GA, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Adventures in Missions (AIM), a non-profit organization that facilitates short-term mission trips throughout the world and within the United States, recently launched The Novas Project. The Novas Project is more than a mission trip. It’s an 8-month missions experience for 18-24 year-olds, where men and women actually learn how to be a missionary. The word Novas literally means a „new way,“ and The Novas Project will forever change the way participants see the world.

The first part of The Novas Project is spent in Mexico at AIM’s mission base where teams will be developed and trained for global outreach. During the second part of the trip, individuals will then partner with a long- term missionary to reach the poorest of the poor in various locations around the world.

Here are just a few assignments available through The Novas Project:

* Caring for orphans and widows in their distress in Swaziland, Africa.

* Teaching about HIV in schools in South Africa.

* Ministering to the gypsies and social outcasts in Romania.

* Befriending street kids in the Philippines.

* Working in schools, planting churches, building homes, and much more.

„The Novas Project isn’t just a trip or vacation, it’s an actual missionary experience,“ said Tag Thompson, Director of the Project. „Through our innovative training, we teach you how to be a missionary. Depending on your assignment, we may teach childcare, or organic gardening or how to preach the Gospel. Following training, individuals will be partnered with seasoned local missionaries all over the planet and will get to do what missionaries do on a daily basis. This goes beyond a short term trip to a real missionary experience.“

According to AIM Director, Seth Barnes, „There is a generation of young people who are yearning to engage in a lifestyle of radical ministry and self- sacrifice. They are longing for an opportunity to authentically live in community, while serving others. They do not just want to learn about Jesus; they want to follow him. The Novas Project was created with this in mind.“

For more information about The Novas Project, visit

Adventures In Missions (AIM) is an interdenominational missions organization that focuses on discipleship. They emphasize prayer and relationships in their work amongst the poor. Since being established in 1989, AIM has taken over 80,000 people into the mission field, some for as short as a week and others for as long as a year or longer. Through 14 bases around the world, AIM has year- round ministry to places where „the least of these“ are found. AIM believes that by giving people the opportunity to hold orphans, bring hope to the hopeless, and pray for the sick, lives are transformed.

New Anglican Province in North America Affirms Life

New Anglican Province in North America Affirms Life

BEDFORD, Texas, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Anglicans for Life applauds the newly formed Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) for affirming the sanctity of life in its founding documents yesterday. During the new Church’s Inaugural Provincial Assembly, more than 250 ordained and lay delegates ratified the Constitution and Canons that establish the new Anglican Province in North American.

Section 4 and 5 of Canon 8 in Title II, states „God, and not man, is the creator of human life. The unjustified taking of life is sinful. Therefore, from conception to natural death, all members and clergy are called to protect and respect the sanctity of every human life. The Church is called upon to show Christ-like compassion to those who have fallen into sin, encouraging them to repent and receive forgiveness, and offering the ministry of healing to all who suffer physically or emotionally as a result.“

According to Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life, „This is an historical event. While most mainline denominations uphold the right to abortion, the ACNA has chosen to boldly proclaim the right to life. We are looking forward to helping the 700 parishes of the new ACNA establish life-affirming outreach and ministry in their local communities. Anglicans for Life has the resources these Churches will need to uphold the sanctity of life and we’re here to serve them.“

Anglicans for Life is the only life-affirming ministry in the Anglican Communion dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia, protecting stem cells from research abuse and promoting abstinence and adoption.

Senate Vote Threatens American Sovereignty

Senate Vote Threatens American Sovereignty

Concerned Women for America Urges Senate to Oppose Harold Koh

WASHINGTON, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Concerned Women for America (CWA) and its 500,000 members around the country call on every Senator to oppose the nomination of Harold Koh to be Legal Adviser to the State Department.

CWA President Wendy Wright said, „Koh’s extremely radical views threaten the great ‚American experiment‘ of a representative democracy. He believes that foreign and international opinions take precedence over America’s Constitution, laws and policies. Koh advocates that courts and bureaucracies should integrate foreign opinions into American law. He believes the U.S. courts must look beyond its national interest to the ‚mutual interests of all nations‘ in what he calls an ‚international legal regime.‘ He has argued that the U.S. should be bound by various international treaties that the Senate has not ratified, including the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and rulings from the International Criminal Court.

„Koh’s views undermine national sovereignty, and as the Legal Adviser at the State Department, he would be in prime position to radically alter U.S. policy, as he will be the voice of the United States around the world on international legal issues. His beliefs are far outside the mainstream, even for a liberal nominee.“

Mario Diaz, Esq., CWA’s Policy Director for Legal Issues, said, „We would be hard pressed to find a more dangerous position from which Harold Koh could advocate his radical views. Even though all powers given to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch in our country are explicitly laid out in our Constitution, Koh believes the United States should be subject to ‚customary international law‘ beyond the written text of the Constitution. He has argued this principle strenuously and openly in numerous legal briefs and academic writings, and frankly, he has gained significant traction in liberal circles domestic and foreign.

„No Senator concerned with protecting our sovereignty and national security should feel comfortable with Harold Koh at the State Department.“

Concerned Women for America is the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.

Christian Attorney Zheng Enchong Interrogated and Tortured by PSB

Zheng Enchong. Photo: Christian Newswire

Christian Attorney Zheng Enchong Interrogated and Tortured by PSB

SHANGHAI, China, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — On June 17 Christian human rights attorney, Zheng Enchong, was interrogated and tortured for nine hours by Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers because of his work defending Chinese citizens whose land has been confiscated by the government. During his detention, he was beaten, stripped and cigarettes were held to his lips and eyelids. Zheng Enchong has filed a written protest and plans to file a complaint to the central government.

According to ChinaAid sources, Zheng Enchong was summoned by four officers from Zhabei District Branch of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau on June 17. During his detention, officers took turns slapping him five or six times in the face, and hitting him three times in the back of his head. Police also held lit cigarettes to his lips and eyelids. Later, the officers pulled him from the seat and took off all his clothing, except his underwear. Police threw his personal belongings, including: money, keys, pen, and a Bible and some cookies to the floor. Then the PSB officers proceeded to search his body.

Authorities compiled a written record of the interrogation without interrogating Zheng at all, and, then, wanted him to sign it. Instead, he wrote down a statement on the record describing his violent treatment by the PSB. He denounced authorities for using the same method on him as they use on Falun Gong practitioners.

Attorney Zheng has been summoned by officials nearly 20 times, and his house searched twice in the past two and a half months. In 2003, he filed a major legal case exposing how government officials conspired with Zhou Zhengyi, „the richest man in Shanghai, “ to illegally confiscate homes for demolition. Since that time, Zheng Enchong has been continually harassed and persecuted by Chinese officials. He was sentenced to three years in prison for „illegally providing secrets to overseas entities.“ The charge related to two faxes regarding workers‘ protests that Zheng was accused of sending to Human Rights in China, a non-profit organization. Zheng has also been beaten by authorities four times, so badly that he now has difficulty walking.

„As an internationally well-known Christian human rights lawyer, Attorney Zheng has always defended the poor and vulnerable,“ said Bob Fu, president of ChinaAid and a friend of Mr. Zheng and his family. „The repeated harassment and torture against such a conscientious rights defender demonstrates the Shanghai authorities‘ total disregard to citizens‘ basic human rights. We encourage the international community to continue to press the Chinese authorities to stop these hideous acts and to hold the abusers accountable.“

ChinaAid calls on the international community to contact the Chinese Ambassador and urge that the violence against Zheng Enchong end, and that the government respect and uphold human rights according to the Chinese Constitution and international agreements:

Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong
3505 International Place, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: (202) 495-2000
Fax: (202) 588-9760

ChinaAid grants permission to reproduce photos and/or information for non-fundraising purposes, with the provision that is credited. Please contact: with questions or requests for further information.

Former Prison Fellowship Senior Executive Joins Advent Film Group

Former Prison Fellowship Senior Executive Joins Advent Film Group

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Following Provident-Integrity Distribution’s successful DVD release of the pro-life film, „Come What May,“ made by Advent Film Group (AFG), senior executive Michael Snyder joins AFG as a Principal in charge of business, marketing, and distribution. He joins AFG’s Founding Principal, George Escobar, who leads production and development.

Snyder is the former Senior Vice President of Prison Fellowship and head of its Christian worldview teaching and advocacy Division encompassing BreakPoint, the Centurions Program and the Wilberforce Forum. Provident-Integrity, a unit of Sony, released the hit films „Facing the Giants“ and „Fireproof.“

„Mike’s deep experience in building and growing ministry-oriented enterprises is a tremendous blessing for AFG,“ announced Escobar. „As a former partner in several major law firms, Mike brings marketing, financial, and deal structuring savvy to shape attractive investment opportunities in our coming films.“

According to Snyder, AFG’s next two movies fulfill audience demand for family-friendly films that matter. „With our next film slate, we are leveraging our marketing and production funds by releasing back-to- back films, driving greater box-office yields, DVD sales, and bundling opportunities,“ explained Snyder. „It builds on brand momentum begun by ‚Come What May.'“

Manny Edwards, head of Brightline Pictures, continues his collaboration with AFG as director and screenwriter. Edwards is leading the creative efforts for a new Brightline/AFG co-production. Still in development, this new film has already garnered support from major family and men’s ministry organizations. Edwards said, „Faith-based films made on micro-budgets (under $1 million) that serve important initiatives, such as saving marriages or fighting for the unborn, succeed by generating powerful grassroots support.“

Escobar revealed, „We take our inspiration from the vantage point of where God is working in people’s lives. We do our best to make ‚His‘ stories, not our own. More importantly, we acknowledge His sovereignty in shaping culture for His glory. He knows which stories are enduring, have lasting values–the stories that matter.“

Despite tough economic times, movie industry box- office revenues for first-quarter (Q1) 2009 were up nine percent over Q1 2008. Snyder explains the appeal of movies made by AFG: „Faith-based audiences appreciate tasteful, refreshingly told stories that have a solid Biblical worldview and strengthen families. Everyone loves tales of second-chances, hope, and determination. We are making these films because we need them now, more than ever.“

About AFG
Advent Film Group was founded to make films and filmmakers for Christ and the world. Learn more at or

Children’s Book Character ‚Uncle Chestnut‘ Based on Real G.K. Chesterton

Children’s Book Character ‚Uncle Chestnut‘ Based on Real G.K. Chesterton

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — Even as a children’s book character, Uncle Chestnut may seem far-fetched. Although he is a comic, absent-minded but insightful gentleman described as being „big and round like a chestnut“ by his nephew, he is in fact based on the real G.K. Chesterton, the English author and journalist of the early 20th Century.

The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut (ISBN 9780977223497), the first book in the Uncle Chestnut series, is now available from and other booksellers.

Written for young readers, The Inconvenient Adventures of Uncle Chestnut contains 4 short stories told by Jack, whose Uncle Chestnut comes to take care of him while his parents are away. Whether traveling, chasing after hats, or embarking on everyday adventures, Uncle Chestnut teaches a unique perspective on life and the world to his nephew.

Based on the writings and actual events in the life of Gilbert Keith Chesterton, this work of fiction presents the wit and wisdom of the British writer in a considerably easier style for young people to read. It is a simple, fun approach to introducing G.K. Chesterton to readers of all ages, and teaches the value of seeing everyday obstacles as exciting and unique adventures.

C.S. Lewis, author of The Chronicles of Narnia, credited Chesterton as a significant influence in his conversion to Christianity. Other famous persons influenced by Chesterton include Mahatma Gandhi, J.R.R. Tolkien, Alfred Hitchcock, Neil Gaiman, and Michael Crichton. However, one common complaint is that Chesterton’s works can be difficult to understand.

„The idea behind Uncle Chestnut, a fictional version of G.K. Chesterton, was to present him in a way that could be enjoyed even by children, or provide a brief introduction for adults,“ said author Paul Nowak. „My hope is that by putting him in a more modern setting, retelling funny stories from his works and his life, blending it with his insight and telling the story from a child’s perspective this book will make Chesterton more accessible and introduce him to a wider audience.“

Wholesale and media inquiries can be directed to Paul Nowak via email at, or by calling 616-425-8873. For more information on the book visit or the publisher’s site,

Principles for Radical Change in One’s Financial Situation Found in ‚Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy‘

Principles for Radical Change in One’s Financial Situation Found in ‚Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy‘

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — In his book, Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy, Lou Galloway shares with us a revelation he received from God, and that is, that his finances were not meant to be based upon the world’s economy but upon God’s economy of abundance.

Galloway says: „The world’s economy is based upon lack. Everything in the media is centered on lack and yet the world is full of wealth and abundance. If this teaching from the world saturates your mind you will always struggle. Learn the principles of God’s economy of abundance and your finances will be transformed.“

Galloway encourages us to seek and discover our creative talents as these are the keys to our financial success. Learn how to apply these principles to live at the abundant level that God intended for us.

Several principles Mr. Galloway shares throughout the pages of Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy include: Our Hidden Talents, Understanding the World’s Economy of Lack, God’s Economy of Abundance is a multiplication of 30 fold, 60 fold and 100 fold, The things that hold us back from receiving the abundance and what we need to do.

Galloway encourages us not to rely on our day jobs, but to develop other streams of income, he explains how to successfully manage your money and use some as seed for future harvests.

Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy is a winner of the Christian Choice Book Awards by Xulon Press in May 2009. The book won second place in the Bible Study category.

Lou Galloway lives in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, with his wife, Sandra. They have two married daughters, two sons-in-law, a son and two grandsons.

Lou has spent over 15 years in ministry including many overseas missionary excursions from 1985 to 2001. Lou has a diploma in Christian Ministries and a Bachelor of Computing degree. Lou is currently involved in developing business projects within the mission field and has a vision to expand this concept on a much larger scale. Initial details of Lou’s current missionary business goals and projects are explained in his book Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy.

To book Lou Galloway for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please email: or visit

Hidden Secrets of God’s Economy is available wherever fine books are sold including:

Women’s Group Challenges Susan G. Komen for the Cure to Debate Breast Cancer Risk — Expects Komen to Duck the Challenge

Women’s Group Challenges Susan G. Komen for the Cure to Debate Breast Cancer Risk — Expects Komen to Duck the Challenge

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — „Susan G. Komen for the Cure is no friend of women,“ said Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer. „Komen perpetuates the breast cancer epidemic by withholding the truth that abortion increases breast cancer risk. We have three challenges for Komen.

„First, we challenge Komen to debate the abortion- breast cancer (ABC) link with us at the next Catholic Health Association (CHA) meeting or another venue. Since science is on our side, we expect Komen will duck the debate, as others have. [1,2,3]

„Second, Komen justifies its denial of an ABC link by using studies that were severely criticized in the medical journals, Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons and Ethics and Medics, for violating fundamental rules of epidemiology. [4,5,6,7] No experts have ever challenged the conclusions reached in these journals. Komen must follow customary scientific procedure by sending letters to the journals proving that their conclusions are incorrect.

„Third, Komen should stop giving funds to Planned Parenthood, an organization that has inflicted considerable harm on women’s health through its sales of abortions and hormonal contraceptives with estrogen and progestin (acknowledged by the World Health Organization as cancer-causing).“ [8,9]

Joel Brind, endocrinology professor at Baruch College, City University of New York, argued that donations to Komen may be doing more harm than good because childbearing is known to offer significant protection against breast cancer and Planned Parenthood deprives women of that protective effect. He explained:

„Since Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the U.S., and since it is clear that abortion leaves a girl or woman with a higher long-term risk of breast cancer than had she chosen not to have the abortion, it is arguable that donations to Komen may actually serve to cause more breast cancer, rather than to fight against it.“

Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg reports on his blog that Komen’s founder, Nancy Goodman Brinker, was the keynote speaker at the CHA’s convention earlier this month. [10] Brinker, an abortion enthusiast, has served on Planned Parenthood’s advisory board and is now using the unsuspecting bishop and CHA to clean up Komen’s reputation among donors turned off by its gifts to Planned Parenthood.

„I suspect Bishop Lynch would not support the American Lung Association if it gave funds to tobacco companies to do lung cancer screenings on its customers,“ asserted Malec. „Why, then, support Komen’s grants to Planned Parenthood to do breast cancer screenings on its clientele, especially when legitimate medical providers that don’t damage women’s health are widely accessible?“

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is an international women’s organization founded to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer.

References available online at: releases/090624/index.htm

How $5 Can Change the World

How $5 Can Change the World

Motivated by the Economy, the Alpha Foundation Creates International Donation Program — Launches to Help Save Lives

OZARK, MO, June 24 /Christian Newswire/ — The Alpha Foundation announces the launch of, a global donation program dedicated to making a difference in areas most affected by poverty, neglect, disease, abuse, war and natural disaster. is an innovative and revolutionary funding base for ten humanitarian relief organizations that address unmet needs around the planet. The 2009 fundraising challenge is to meet a goal of 200,000 donors worldwide that will commit to just $5 a month. Combining these donations into one large gift, then distributes it equally among the ten organizations. These are difficult economic times, but there is a great need so we are making it affordable for everyone to join this mission. For more information on how $5 can change the world visit

After an extensive year-long process we are very proud of the organizations chosen to receive this collaborative monthly gift from effort will leverage support for the following organizations:

· Panzi Hospital, Bukavu, DRCongo

· OrphanCare International, USA

· Free The Slaves, USA

· Doctors of the World, USA

· Depilex SmileAgain, Italy/Pakistan

· Children of Uganda, Uganda/USA

· Convoy of Hope, USA

· Crossroads International, USA/South Africa

· Safe Passage, Guatemala/USA

· Angel Mission, USA

„After living overseas for 15 years, and seeing the many desperate needs first-hand, it was obvious to me that not enough was being accomplished to relieve the suffering around the world,“ said Founder Brent Robison. „The inspiration for TheGive5 project came from a desire to help organizations that help those most in need. To start up an orphanage or begin a feeding program would take YEARS — a massive undertaking. All the while — the situations worsen. Then it came to me while boarding a plane – why not build an „engine“ that could IMMEDIATELY impact organizations already in place — already impacting people? And why just a single organization – – why not multiple relief agencies? Ultimately, that is the model of TheGive5 campaign — many of us, helping many of them. One small gift, divided among 10 humanitarian relief agencies — multiplied thousands of times over. The potential is astounding.“

The Alpha Foundation is a pioneering privately held 501 C(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to humanitarian causes worldwide. It is the vision of the Alpha Foundation to significantly impact humanitarian relief efforts and relief organizations around the world with financial assistance, donor management and communications.

Media Contact: Rhonda Boudreaux

Missions Organization Helping Christians Respond to Famine in Kenya

Missions Organization Helping Christians Respond to Famine in Kenya

MEDIA ADVISORY, June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — With more than 10 million people in Kenya facing starvation due to drought and political unrest, World Gospel Mission (WGM) is helping Christians in the United States get much- needed food supplies to the hardest hit areas.

„Today, about a third of Kenyans are hungry,“ said Tim Rickel, vice president of Development at WGM, a missionary-sending agency based in Marion, Indiana. „Right now, they need food, and WGM has the infrastructure and the people on the ground to distribute it and make sure it gets to those who need it.“

Years of droughts that yielded poor harvests, political violence that displaced thousands of people in 2008, and skyrocketing fuel and food prices have led to the current crisis in Kenya. Only 18 percent of Kenya’s land is suitable for farming, and unstable rain patterns have resulted in Kenya being unable to feed all of its 37 million people.

„But WGM’s missionaries and Kenyan partners are ready to help,“ says Rickel. „They just need more food to give away. Fifty-pound bags of corn cost $50 each and will keep whole families from starving.“

WGM has been serving in Kenya since 1932 and partners with Africa Gospel Church, an indigenous Kenyan denomination of churches. These churches are often used as staging areas for distributing aid. „It’s sending a powerful message that the church is concerned about feeding a person’s body and soul,“ says Rickel.

Visit to find out how you can respond to this need in Kenya.

About World Gospel Mission
World Gospel Mission disciples believers to become missions-active Christians. As an interdenominational missionary organization, WGM partners with individuals, small groups, college groups, and churches to intentionally address the physical and spiritual needs of individuals and communities. Learn more at

Rachel Elwood, Media Relations World Gospel Mission
(765) 671-7255

New Children’s Book Teaches Kids About God’s Love and Forgiveness Through a Little Lamb’s Journey from Trouble to Triumph

New Children’s Book Teaches Kids About God’s Love and Forgiveness Through a Little Lamb’s Journey from Trouble to Triumph

Colorful Barn Yard Characters and Bible Scriptures will Delight Kids and Parents Alike; Portion of Proceeds to Benefit Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, Inc.

JACKSON, NJ, June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — ‚Trouble Wears A Bell,‘ a new children’s book by author Maria Baggerly, tells the tale of a cast of colorful barn yard animals and the birth of a little lamb who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Whether young or old, we all make mistakes. This book shows in an easy to understand way that God’s love for us is always present, waiting for the opportunity to help us overcome life’s obstacles.

„I wrote ‚Trouble Wears A Bell‘ for children, because God says in His Word that we should encourage children to come to Him, not hinder them,“ said Baggerly. „In fact, we all must become as children — accepting, trusting and loving God wholeheartedly — if we are to enter the kingdom of heaven.“ (1)

Christian and Jewish parents, as well as religious teachers and ministry leaders, will also value this unique story as it prompts Bible-based discussions and gives examples of God’s love for us.

‚Trouble Wears A Bell‘ can be incorporated easily into Children’s Church, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School programs. Visit for helpful lesson plan outlines and activities for children.

The book is available now, and a portion of all book sale proceeds will be donated to Helping Hearts Equine Rescue, Inc., a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and placement of equines in need.

About the Author
The day Maria’s grandmother gave her the Holy Bible, Maria knew that God had great plans for her. In addition to being an author, Maria is an A.A.S. Paralegal proficient in civil matters. Her past experience includes teaching special education, instructing the hearing impaired and teaching in an adult work program that reintroduces adults into the workforce by helping them with interviewing skills and strategies, as well as basic computer, math and English skills.

‚Trouble Wears A Bell‘ is Maria’s first Christian children’s book. Visit her website at where you can use the Ask the Author button to provide comments, ask questions or request Maria for a book signing event or speaking opportunity.

1. At that time, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, „Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?“ [Jesus] called a little child and had him stand among them. And He said: „I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.“

Matthew 18:1-5 NIV

OC Church Finds Creative Ways to Give

OC Church Finds Creative Ways to Give

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — Non-profit organizations and churches are feeling the economic crunch as charitable giving has decreased over the past year, but one church in Orange County has found a creative way to counter that trend.

According to an annual report by Giving USA, a publication of Giving USA Foundation(tm), charitable donations decreased by 3% nationwide last year. As non-profit organizations are learning to do more with less, The Well, an Orange County-based network of house churches, is teaching its members that living generously means more than dipping into their pocketbooks.

At a recent gathering of the entire network of The Well house churches, Eastburn challenged the church body to look for other ways to give. „Is there something in your garage or home that is being unused?“ he asked. „Do you have a job or service that could help someone in need?“

The Well members began to list the things they could give: an unused truck, babysitting service, old yard tools.

„We strongly believe God calls Christians to give financially“ says The Well Pastor Ken Eastburn. „But we also know that writing a check doesn’t fully satisfy God’s call on us to give. Living generously requires giving whatever you have — time, energy and money.“

This kind of creativity is nothing new to The Well. Once a traditional church, The Well decided to leave its building in 2005 and begin meeting in homes. Eastburn says this new model provides them with an opportunity to be more generous than ever before. Without a mortgage payment and the costs of maintaining a building, The Well is using its resources to help those in need. In fact, more than 50 percent of the tithes and offerings received are committed to outreach, service projects and meeting the needs of the community or church body.

„We know generosity doesn’t depend on the size of your bank account,“ continues Eastburn. „Christians‘ lives should be characterized by their generosity, the openness with which they share what God has entrusted to them.“

The Well attempts to model this generosity in the way it spends its resources. And, the church is openly learning how to do that and sharing its story on its blog at

‚California, Stand Up for Jesus‘ — State-wide ‚Prayer Rally for Jesus‘ in Lodi, California, Wednesday, July 1st, 6pm

‚California, Stand Up for Jesus‘ — State-wide ‚Prayer Rally for Jesus‘ in Lodi, California, Wednesday, July 1st, 6pm

LODI, Calif., June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — The following information is submitted by former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt of The Pray in Jesus Name Project:

The Lodi City Council is considering a vote to BAN THE NAME OF JESUS from public prayers offered before city council meetings.

–Former Navy Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt will fly in to lead the rally with many California pastors. (Pastors please call „Chaps“ right now: 719-360-5132).

–Pastor Everett Robinson of The Will Of God Christian Center will lead coordination efforts on the ground. (Bus coordinators and volunteers please call Pastor Robinson: 707-333-1282.)

–Lodi California Mayor Larry D. Hansen fears a lawsuit by atheist groups if he doesn’t silence Christian prayers, and has requested to hear your public opinion.

–Rally for Jesus Prayer Meeting at 6pm on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 on the steps outside the City Council meeting.

–Followed by „standing room only crowd“ inside the Lodi City Council meeting at 7pm.

Lodi City Council Meeting
Carnegie Forum
305 W. Pine Street
Lodi, CA 95240

Where exactly?
Map and driving directions here:

What happened?

Take Action Nation-wide! Sign the online petition:

CHURCH FLYER: Download, Copy, Distribute, Free 8.5 X 11 Flyer Here:

Please make flyer copies for every member at all churches this Sunday 28 June 09. Then everybody please email this press release widely around the whole state.

MEDIA INTERVIEWS: Please call Chaplain Klingenschmitt.

ALL CALIFORNIA PASTORS: Please call Chaps now: 719-360-5132, then call Pastor Robinson: 707-333- 1282.

California, it’s time to take a stand for Jesus.

Let’s rally and pray, in Jesus‘ name, Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt („Chaps“) Chaps‘ Bio:

Massive Spiritual Bouquet Being Prepared for the ‚Year for Priests‘

Massive Spiritual Bouquet Being Prepared for the ‚Year for Priests‘

STATEN ISLAND, NY, June 23 /Christian Newswire/ — Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, announced today that Priests for Life is inviting the laity to prepare a massive spiritual bouquet which will be presented this Fall to all the priests of the country.

The faithful are invited to pledge prayers, rosaries, chaplets, holy hours, and sacrifices for priests, that they may be protected in body and spirit, and may grow in holiness and in the fruitfulness of their ministry.

This can be done at

„Priests are heralds of the Gospel of Life, and are called to stir up the gifts of God’s people to build the culture of life. In our day, when restoring protection for the right to life is the top moral imperative, the Catholic faithful thirst in a particular way for the leadership of priests in this arena, and eagerly pray for it,“ Fr. Pavone added.

Along with pledging a spiritual bouquet, people are invited to share their stories about their favorite priests.

Priests for Life is the nation’s largest Catholic pro- life organization dedicated to ending abortion and euthanasia. For more information, visit

How To Appreciate The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson

How To Appreciate The King Of Pop: Michael Jackson

By Andreas Klamm, news correspondent

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop was an excellent artist which knew how to be creative. Photo: Antonio Manfredonio / Creative Commons – Share Alike

Los Angeles. June 27, 2009. The mourning after the for many people and friends unexpected death of The King Of Pop, entertainer and singer Michael Jackson is great.

As legions and millions of people wanted to express their condolences, their feelings about the loss of The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, web communities such as Twitter , Facebook and other international services have reach their technical limits.

The King Of Pop has suffered from a cardiac arrest on June 25, on 12.21 p.m. And has been officially pronounced dead at 2.26 p.m. on June 25, 2009 in the city of Los Angeles in the United States of America (U.S.A.).

Physicians have tried for about one hour at the Ronald Reagan Hospital with the UCLA Medical Center to save the life of the Pop icon and The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. While these physicians and nurses sometimes are able to perform some kind of miracles in this special situation they had no chance to rescue The King of Pop, singer and entertainer Michael Jackson which has been able to gain the whole world with his music and arts.

No man or woman, no matter if they may like his music and performance of songs or not, would doubt, that Michael Jackson knew very well how to perform in a very creative way his music and arts.

Millions and legions of people have the need to share their feelings and to express their thoughts, even condolences with the family and close friends of Michael Jackson.

The three children of Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Jr. (I, 12) Paris Michael Katherine (11) and Prince Michael (7) may will be raised with their grandmother, which loves the children of her son.

There is no doubt Michael Jackson, The King of Pop has been one of the most famous artist, entertainers and singers in the world. He and his music had a great impact in this world. And there is no doubt, even after Michael Jackson has passed away, the arts of the entertainer will still have a great impact in this world. There are many different ways how to cope with this loss of a favorite and leading entertainer in the world.

Friends of Michael Jackson and his music are able to keep Michael Jackson as he wanted to be known and his music in good memory.

These friends might keep the entertainer in good memory as he loved to appear on stage, in the public and as he used to perform his arts.

Those friends and people which had a close relation with Michael Jackson might keep the singer in good memories as he lived in the truth apart from many different stories which appeared in the media and might not reflect the inside view as Michael Jackson truly has been during his life on earth.

Those friends of Michael Jackson which want to appreciate The King of Pop may follow one the basic and good example of the leading entertainer and be creative as he was in many ways. Michael Jackson, no matter if people may like his music and performance or not, has given an excellent example what it does mean to be creative and to have success with creative arts, music and performance.

There is a way to be creative yourself as The King of Pop used to be. Friends of Michael Jackson and his music might perform street dancing or dancing on the stage as he has given an example. Others might try to interpret his songs.

Other friends and supporters could easily perform the arts and help with the arts the poor people in Africa and many other places in this world as Michael Jackson has given an excellent and may one of the best example with the performance “We Are The World”, a song written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in 1985 produced and conducted by Quincy Jones, recorded by a super group of 45 popular musicians billed as USA for Africa also know as United Support of Artists for Africa.

Friends could write creative poems and stories about their favorite entertainer or create a creative memorial web site for their King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

True friends of Michael Jackson might listen to their favorite music performed by the King of Pop and those DJ´s which do mourn about the loss of Michael Jackson might play his songs to keep the artist in good memory.

There are millions of creative ways how to appreciate The King Of Pop. For those people which do mourn and suffer about the loss of their favorite singer and want to appreciate Michael Jackson, as he wanted to be seen and known, on the friends and supporters will find some ideas and good instructions on “How To Appreciate Michael Jackson”.

If friends are creative as Michael Jackson was, they might be able to find a way how to appreciate the entertainer in a good sense: BE CREATIVE and perform the arts in a creative way, even if the performance might be discussed controversial in the future.

Legions and millions of friends of Michael Jackson and his music have the need to express their thought, feelings and condolences related to the loss of their idol or favorite music entertainer .

International big media and even alternative media are aware of the need of those people which do mourn in many different places and many different ways in this world about the loss of Michael Jackson.

Some services which will give room for condolences or public expression of the empathy for Michael Jackson, such as condolence books are offered world wide on:

Mahiram Tribute to Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 Era:

MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8414 (PDF Print Edition)

MJB Mission News, ISSN 1999-8414, (web online edition):

Weltweite Trauer um „King Of Pop“: Michael Jackson erlitt Herzstillstand

Weltweite Trauer um „King Of Pop“: Michael Jackson erlitt Herzstillstand

Von Andreas Klamm, Nachrichten-Korrespondent

Los Angeles. 26. Juni 2009. Der Sänger, Entertainer und „King of Pop“, Michael Jackson hat, verschiedenen Medien-Berichten zufolge, gegen 12.21 Uhr einen Herzstillstand erlitten und ist gegen 14.26 Uhr* (amerikanische Ortszeiten) im Ronald Reagan Krankenhaus, UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles gestorben. Die Wiederbelebungs-Versuche des Privat-Arztes von Michael Jackson und die Wiederbelebungs-Versuche eines Fach-Ärzte-Teams scheiterten trotz aller intensiven Bemühungen.

Die Ärzte sollen bis zu einer Stunde versucht haben, den einzigartigen Sänger und die Leitfigur für Pop-Musik und Musik, Michael Jackson, wiederzubeleben.

Die drei Kinder des „King Of Pop“ und eines der erfolgreichsten Sänger in der Welt-Geschichte, Michael Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (I, 12), Paris Michael Katherine (11) und Prince Michael (7) sollen nach dem überraschenden und unerwartet frühen Ableben des Künstlers künftig bei ihrer Großmutter leben

In aller Welt ist die Betroffenheit und Trauer von Familien, Freunden und prominenter Künstlern und Künstlerinnen groß.

Nahezu alle internationalen und nationalen Fernseh-Stations- und Medien-Netzwerk-Stationen haben die Inhalte ihrer Programme aus Anlass des frühen und unerwarteten Todes von Michael Jackson geändert. Zahlreiche Fernseh-Sender sendeten bereits Sonder-Sendungen. Weitere Sonder-Sendungen aus Anlass des Ablebens des Sängers und Entertainers sind auch bei öffentlich-rechtlichen Fernseh-Stationen in Deutschland für heute Abend geplant.

Michael Jackson wollte in den Jahren 2009 und 2010 weltweit zahlreiche neue Konzerte geben. Michael Jackson konnte geschätzt rund 750 Millionen Tonträger mit seiner Musik verkaufen und erhielt 13 Grammy Awards. Er wurde 50 Jahre.

Zahlreiche internationale Medien bieten zudem Kondolenz-Bücher im Internet an, in denen Trauer, Anteilnahme und Beileid bekundet werden können:

Mahiram Tribute to Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 Era: